Kamis, Juli 30, 2009

We (Indonesia) are not afraid


Ok, I (maybe mostly of indonesian) little bit shocked by bombed-blast on early july a go. But 100% for sure, no, let make it 1000% for sure that tragedy will not make us down, afraid and living long in sadness. We still strong to do our daily activities as usual like before the tragedy happened. We agree that if the 'afraid' feeling live on us, the terrosist will be more and more happy and bigging the smile on their faces, so we decide to not afraid to terrorism and not afraid to hang-around on our own country, this all what we have to do to create a good image internationally that Indonesia still a save place to be visit on.

Now, related to the 'we are not afraid' things up, there is a campaign from indonesiaunite.com about 'say no to terrorism - kami tidak takut (we are not afraid)'. We background with the same feel (angry with terrorism), the same motherland will continuing and spreading this campaign from locally target until internationaly. The target are to say no (fuc*) to terrorism, to re-build godd image of indonesia name internationaly, and to not afraid with terrorism. Here is I upload the breastpin (I got this from lanching im3 groov3 at hardrock yesterday) of this campaign. Before enjoying the picture, onceagain, we are not afraid of terrorism and for those folk out there, plese, don't get hesitate to visit our beautiful country.

Rabu, Juli 29, 2009

Priceless Friendship and Adventures From MIG33


Far from 2007, all i know about online community with friendship and stuff is just a bull**it and crappy things, thats make me never come to any gathering online community, but then I joined mig33 community on November 20074, it just like lick on my own spittle. I found not a bull**it anymore, yet crappy things, now I found fun, good (even the best) friendship, yet wonderful adventures. I am enjoyed come to any possiblity to come gathering, upss,,,its enjoying for sure not enjoyed, guest what ? a little bit secret, cause I am still enjoying my time to come to gathering.

Its almost 2 years since my name registered as a member on mig33 online community with username nu_celeb. Lot, lot, lot, lo (uhhh,,,I’ll type a million lot word if its possible) experience and friends I had, a great one of course. The most great friendship I got from mig33 is bolang (bahasa - mean as an adventurer boys in english, we called ourselves as bolang ‘cause we are person who love adventure so much)). Friends like putri (nick: putrie_crenzz), eaz (nick: eaz_arab), nukey (nick: schyzoid-disorder), aya (nick: aya_cahaya_aya), Dede (nick: cacing_disko) Ecko (nick: ecko_182), Siska (nick: luchuney), etc. We are come from different existing room, for example from room:: Kampus Bekenz, Stasiun, UIN Jakarta, and other. Lot of things we’ve did together, from sad to happy, from tears come up to be a big smile.

There are two great adventures we had, (for information, when we do our adventure, we mostly do with backpacker’style, no glamour, only fun and togetherness – feelings that you can’t buy with money). First one is a journey to Untung Jawa, Thousan Islands, Jakarta – Indonesia. Its happened on November 1st, 2008. Can you imagine each of us (total are 10 person who went on the journey) only bring our money around 100 thousand rupiahs in our hand, very worthed with great experience we had ‘cause most of us never going to thousand islands before. We found a beautiful beach, great view to the ocean, delicious food, and so on. Second great adventured I had is going to bali with bolang, journey that begun from conversation among I, eaz and nukey on early January 2009, and we bring it up to real on March 30, 2009. Three young man and two young woman with adventurer soul deep in our blood (too much huh ? but it does what we had in our blood) did a long trip. We start our journey by train from Station Senen, Jakarta to Surabaya, then continued with mini bus to Kuta, Bali. Great things from rent a room motel for five, eat only twice a day, have a not-tight-slept night at the beach, and confusion where/who to ask to loaned some money due to lack of wayback-transportation cost.

Now after lot things happened to me because mig33, I must admit and lick on my own spittle that a true friendship comes not only from street-that-say-hi-and-swith-phone-number, but it could comes from chatting application online like mig33, not only friendship, so with the adventures. I’ve got my priceless friendship and adventures, how about you ?

Youngs at Old City (Kota Tua)


Below are pictures come from me and my high'school-mates (we called ourselves as Begundal Batak) funned time at Kota Tua (Old City), Central Jakarta - Indonesia.

Senin, Juli 27, 2009

Funny Sunny - Friday


Here are some photos when I hanged out with my High-School mates. We had a very - very fun day out at the jungle water park, bogor, west java. It was me, deddy (a fat one), atta (a skinny with short hair), hirman (the tall one with spiky hair), and chintya (of course, the white girl, who else ? lol).

What a great moment, this is the first time we hanged out together after three or four years we did not.

Result After Two (2) Weeks


Okay, this is it, as my previous posted. I'm going to upload my progress-exercise. The photo below, taken after I did about 2 weeks doing my routine sports activities ( took 5 day / week, each day took around 45 minutes until an hour). I do as good as I can to eat healthy and not being to much food come in to my big stomach. Just a little bit information, I got 1.7 m tall and 60kg wight of body now. When I was in my Senior High School, four or five years a go, I was 70kg. From 70 to 60, I think its already a big - big step for me, now the only thing I have to do is to shape my body (not intend to be pessimist, I really don't wish for a six pack-muscle body, I just want to leaving out my big fat-stomach). Already make planned to run this program for a month at the beginning, when I see there is a good progress on me then I'll continue it.

::after two weeks::

6th weeks

Kamis, Juli 23, 2009

Workout to get sixpacks


It's been two weeks I did my exercise planned. Start from my last considering to be an actor or professional model, makes me write-down things I have to do to make it, and having six packs body is one on the list. I've observed about everything related to 'how to get six packs body?' from googling until asked my brother, and the point is giving big attention to my eat-scheme, and for the exercise its only about run and sit-up, believe that in 3 months you'll have six packs body. So, I do like what they explained and its just 2 weeks began, still have 2 months and 2 weeks to see will I make it or not?. Despite, to have good healthy as physic and psychic is one big thing I considered on.

Just thinking, maybe I should upload my half-naked picture every week to see the changed. Due its late to upload my first week result, I will start report from my exercise with the half-naked picture from this sunday (next also will b upload every sunday).

Last but not least, I wish a support from all of you, thanks.

Sabtu, Juli 18, 2009

New Photos


This is it. A new photos come from me, which taken by my borther as photographer, Juara Elyas. Well, we are definitely two person who have passion or dream for sure on our own way. Me, the one who always dreamin to be a famous actor or professional model, and my brother, the one who dream to be a success director or photographer. Thats why, both of us seems often to work together to act as we are a real model yet a ral director.

Last monday, we doing a photo session again, location still my homesweethome, but a little bit different, I gave idea to my brother to make it on the top of our roof. Some taken on top of closet. As far, me and the whole of my family (include my sister, and friends) agree that this photo session had much, much better than before.

Curious about the photos ? Well, here they are, fo information. The camera used for this photo session borrowed from my friend, and the time when I want to give the camera back to my friend. My friend found that the memory slot broken, I dont know why, maybe the wrong input memory card by me or what, and I have to take my money out about two hundred thousand rupiah to repair the camera (cant be too bad huh ?).








Bomb blast in Jakarta


Again and again, bomb incident happened in my lovely country Indonesia, exactly in its mother city, Jakarta. J.W Marriot and Ritz Carlton located on Kuningan, South Jakarta are where there were a bomb blast yesterday morning, (Friday, July 17th 2009). For J.W Marriot building, this is a second time bomb blast happened. First time was on 2003. Untill last night, the information I heard, there are six person died because the bomb yesterday. The bomb yesterday not only kill six person and injured more than ten person, but it also left a deep crying in every heart of indonesia's people, so many people cursing to this incident, why this happened just a few days before Manchester United will coming for their asian tour, which planned match with Indonesia All Star Player on July 20, 2008.

So many speculation and suspection behind this incident, like, this incident did by person or group who did not satisfy with the result of President Election, second, there is also hot specualtion around people that this incident comes from Malaysia who didn't want our country played with Manchester United, and so on. Well, for me. It really doesn't matter who or what organization behind this incident, the most impotant thing is, the government will succes to revealed this case, and this incident will not happen again. Also, we could learn from this bom blast, that, our security system in every office building should be more strengthen.

Rabu, Juli 08, 2009

Pengalaman Pertama PEMILU Capres dan Cawapres


Hari ini tanggal 8 Juli 2009, merupakan suatu sejarah baru buat hidup gue, karena hari ini gue akan memilih Calon Presiden dan Calon Wakil Presiden untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup gue. Berdasarkan sistem pemilihan secara teknis mungkin bukanlah hal baru untuk gue, karena sebelumnya juga udah pernah memilih Gubernur DKI Jakarta pada dua tahun lalu, tapi secara history ini benar-benar pengalaman pertama dan gue sangat senang dan bangga karena gue merasa suara gue memang sangat berguna untuk masa depan bangsa ini, itu mengapa gue tidak ikut kedalam 'golongan putih (golput)' dalam pemilihan kali ini (pada waktu pemilihan calon legislatif bulan april lalu gue sedikit menyesal karena golput).

Banyak teman dan orang lain yang melakukan perbincangan dengan gue beberapa bulan terakhir sebelum pemilihan calon presiden dan wakil presiden ini mengatakan 'buat apa kita milih ? nanti kalau ternyata pilihan kita engga benar gimana coba ? kan kalau kita golput kita menjadi nothing to loose.', ada juga yang bilang 'ngepain sih repot-repot milih presiden dan wakil presiden, suara gue gak keitung juga gak akan mempengaruhi hasil akhir pemilu nantinya', dan beberapa pernyataan skeptis terhadap pemilu dan pemerintah. Sedikit membuat gue bingung dan heran saja, bagaimana mungkin dengan tidak memilih kita dapat merubah bangsa ? dan siapa bilang suara satu orang itu tidak berarti sama sekali ? justru satu suara itu sangat menentukan nasib bangsa. Tapi, biarlah mereka bertahan dengan pendapat mereka untuk tidak melakukan pemilihan umum karena golongan putih juga merupakan suatu unsur dari negara yang ber-demokrasi.

Kembali ke pengalaman nyontreng (cara memilih capres dan cawapres kali ini adalah dengan cara memberikan tanda contreng bukan dengan mencoblos seperti tahun 2004). Sudah bangun pagi pukul enam, langsung bersiap memasak untuk sarapan, selesai sekitar pukul tujuh lewat sekian, hampir jam delapan gue ikut abang bersiap mau langsung pergi ke TPS (tempat pemungutan suara) untuk memberikan hak suaranya. Sesampainya di TPS, sedikit menunggu berbagai persiapan yang dilakukan panitita, kemudian tidak lama setelah itu melakukan pendaftaran dengan menyerahkan kartu pemilih yang sudah diserahkan oleh Pak RT dua hari sebelumnya. Tidak sampai 15 menit setelah melakukan pendaftaran, nama gue pun dipanggil, gue langsung menuju ke bilik suara, setelah mencontreng lembar suara gue masukkan kedalam kotak suara, kemudian langkah terakhir yaitu mencelupkan jari ke dalam tinta sebagai bukti kalau kita sudah memberikan suara kita dalam pemilu kali ini, dan selesailah kewajiban gue sebagai warga negara untuk berpartisipasi dalam mensukseskan pemilu dan menentukan nasib bangsa. Bukan suatu hal yang merepotkan diri, bukanlah suatu hal yang terlalu membuang banyak waktu untuk memberikan suara kita.

Oh ya, untuk meng-abadikan hal tersebut, gue mempoto jari gue yang terkena tinta tanda telah melakukan pemilihan dalam pemilu kali ini. Ini dia ::

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