Senin, Juli 27, 2009

Result After Two (2) Weeks

Okay, this is it, as my previous posted. I'm going to upload my progress-exercise. The photo below, taken after I did about 2 weeks doing my routine sports activities ( took 5 day / week, each day took around 45 minutes until an hour). I do as good as I can to eat healthy and not being to much food come in to my big stomach. Just a little bit information, I got 1.7 m tall and 60kg wight of body now. When I was in my Senior High School, four or five years a go, I was 70kg. From 70 to 60, I think its already a big - big step for me, now the only thing I have to do is to shape my body (not intend to be pessimist, I really don't wish for a six pack-muscle body, I just want to leaving out my big fat-stomach). Already make planned to run this program for a month at the beginning, when I see there is a good progress on me then I'll continue it.

::after two weeks::

6th weeks


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