Senin, Februari 14, 2011

Bangkok, for the first time.


been two months I do not post anything here, quite a long, long, long time. I'm gonna tell you about my story from Bangkok last year. My first ever experienced to Bangkok, Thailand on last October, 2010.

First of all, let me tell you the reason how could I have a chance to go to Bangkok, Thailand. To be truth, proudly I'm gonna say I won return tickets from AirAsia (along with another 10 of my friends) which made me possible traveling to Bangkok.

My first impression about this city 'oh okay, so this is it Bangkok ?', but then after spent my 5 days there, visiting wat pho, grand palace, floating market, pattaya, wat arun, china town, etc, soon I changed my mind about this city. The ciry is just great. Not for the city's view/tourist places, but more for it's marketing tourism. Two thumbs up I would give to this city. What I've seen in the city, IMO, not that so beautiful (I've seen more beautiful places in my country - not to mention that kuta in bali is just better than pattaya) but what do I really adore is almost every tourist places are so crowded with the tourists (mostly foreign tourists). I remember for a few past years, Thailand had such terrible periode for their tourism. There was tsunami in 2004, there was travel warning from 47 countries all over the world on may 2010, but hey, Thailand prove that their country is save to be visited, yet fun to be explored.

I stayed at khaosan road, and lucky me (also my friends) that was October 28th, so few days before halloween's day. Guess what ? From the date we arrived there were street party in khaosan road untill October 31, 2010. Full from 28 untill 31, I joined that halloween street party with my friends, what a great-great party I ever had. Fyi, I've never meet such this party in my city, so it made me so excited that day.

people dressing like ghosts for halloween party

It was really such a great experienced for me. Traveling to Bangkok with my best friends for the first time, and enjoyed every each day there. Sometimes, I wonder, can Indonesia do about the same thing like what Thailand have done for their tourism ?

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