Sabtu, Oktober 31, 2009

BOLANG T-SHIRT Mig33 version


Referred to my friend's blog Eaz Eryanda (a handsome man who loves rice so much ?! LOL). So, here I will post about BOLANG T-SHIRT mig33 version. This t-shirt is project between me, and three of my friends, eaz, bayu and metha. This project began when we dream about success so much, so we think why don't we start to build our own kingdom of business ?. Then here we go, we start it with our first project.

front view

back view

our brand image / logo

Explanation :
design name : BOLANG chater's (mig33)
material : Combad 30's
t-shirt color : black
design color : white, red and grey
price : IDR 60,000 or US$ 10 (exclude of shipping fee)
available size : S, M, L and XL

how to order ?
Nando : 62 81383616212
Eaz : 6221 9292 2512
Bayu : 62 8569026526

e-mail :
Nando (me) on
Eaz on
Bayu on
Metha on

or just drop your comment order to my chatbox on the sidebar.

Selasa, Oktober 27, 2009

100 Words Story


Inspired, took up the glove in fact, by Ben, man who manage blog called no ordinary roller coaster. Its about couple months a go when I read his blog, its amazed me read his post titled 'Dabbling in Drabbling'. The thing amazed me was this post about writing something, could be poetry, fiction story, nonfiction story, etc, but one ruled we all have to go with is the word not more than 100 words. Actually, writing 100 words story is not a big deal if I wrote with my primary language 'Bahasa', but to taste the challenge more difficult I decided to try wrote my 100 words story with English, despite I thought it good to improve my English writing ability. Well, here is my story, enjoy ::

the rabbit, the star

Ten years after the day, a bad day. Now, the rabbit sit silent on his chair. He look over on his success and thank to day on ten years ago, a day made him have more spirit, thank to people who underestimated, averted their eyes, and punched on him, those things make him stronger and more spirit walking on his life. ‘Shadow, shooting will began ten minutes again’, said black-hat man with pen and piled of paper on his hand and with a big smile on his face, rabbit say ‘okay’. The rabbit is superstar now.


So, how do you think about my 100 words story ? and how about your own 100 words story.

Minggu, Oktober 25, 2009

Tour de'Kuningan


Here are pictures of me and my friends (Eaz, Bayu and Metha) on last October 14th, 2009. Our first time hanged-out together at Kuningan. We had so much fun time, we ate together, walked around together and one for sure we did 'narcist' self potrait together.









Sabtu, Oktober 24, 2009

Photosession with HUTA HITA Fotografia #2


Here I upload my pictures from photosession with HUTAHITA fotografia about couple weeks a go. The location took at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah , East Jakarta. These a pre-wedding style photo-shooted for hutahita promotional stuff, the idea about this photo session was cheerful moment of a couple lover. Models are my self and my sister. Please have a look :




Jumat, Oktober 23, 2009

Belajar Nulis Eps.3


Melanjuti tulisan gue beberapa bulan yang lalu Belajar Nulis Eps. 2. Cukup lama sejak postingan gue yang episode ke dua tersebut, lebih tepatnya 60 hari lamanya gue tidak melanjuti postingan #Belajar Nulis. Sekarang, hari Jumat, tanggal 23 Oktober 2009, pukul empat lewat 29 menit gue masih saja belum berbaring di kasur gue yang empuk dan nyaman untuk tidur. Masih tetap melek untuk ber-internet-ria dengan laptop yang masih pinjeman (punya abang gue James). Bertemankan dengan rokok sampoerna mild dan setengah gelas air putih es dan kipas angin, gue tetap bersemangat melakukan kegiatan online seperti facebook-an, twitter-an, googling, ym-ing (atau ym-an. ngakak.) dan tentunya blogging. Mengacu pada judul postingan gue yaitu Belajar Nulis, gue selalu dan selalu mencoba untuk menulis mulai dari hal yang gak penting banget sampai hal yang sangat penting banget, proses-proses ataupun ide-ide dalam penulisan setiap tulisan gue entah kenapa hampir semua keluar dari otak gue pada malam hari atau lebih tepatnya subuh hari. Di saat semua orang rumah gue udah terlelap dalam bunga tidur mereka, saat (mungkin) air liur sudah menetes dari mulut mereka, di saat itulah gue semangat (atau tidak semangat) untuk menulis, seperti contoh menulis blog, menulis di kertas, meng-update status facebook/twitter, blogwalkin + drop comments on others blog, dan lain sebagainya.

Malam hari, sudah menjadi sangat bersahabat dengan gue. Untuk tidak tidur malam pun sudah bukan hal yang aneh lagi buat gue. Bermula pada saat dulu di Bali, sempat bekerja di salah satu tempat club malam dan juga hotel, yang mana gue bekerja shift malam pulang pagi. Juga saat gue bekerja di salah satu maskapai penerbangan sebagai call-center staff sering mendapat bagian lembur hingga pagi, dan gue menikmatinya (disamping mendapat lemburan, keesokannya juga mendapatkan libur. sangat pantas untuk dinikmati bukan ?). Dikarenakan pengalaman bekerja gue tersebutlah gue sangat terbiasa dengan yang namanya bergadang tidak tidur sampai pagi dan gue merasa senang dan menikmati hal itu. Gue merasa pada saat di kesunyian malam hari, pikiran dalam kepala gue dapat bebas bersuara tanpa harus ada seorang yang mengganggu. Saat malam hari pula gue bisa menikmati suara-suara disekitar gue, misalkan suara angin yang berhembus, suara detak jarum jam, suara kucing di atap genteng, suara air menetes di rumah tetangga, dan suara-suara lain yang menurut gue sangat indah gue dengar pada saat suara itu menyatu dengan heningnya malam hari, membuat peristiwa yang kontras namun indah.

Lalu apakah ada barang yang harus gue sediain atau persiapin saat gue mulai menulis di malam hari ? Ya, tentu saja. Tidaklah menyatu bila hanya ada malam hari, gue dan laptop (kertas/pulpen) untuk memulai kata-kata yang akan gue tulis. Gue (hampir) selalu menyiapkan rokok sampoerna-mild merah, segelas air putih es, flasdisk berisi playlist music dan juga korek untuk menyalakan rokok tentunya. Saat semua barang yang gue sebutin sudah terkumpul, disitulah otak gue mulai bergulat memikirkan banyak hal yang kemudian menyaring banyak hal tersebut menjadi sebagian hal yang layak dan memang pengen gue tulis.

Bagaimana dengan kalian ? kapankah biasanya waktu yang tepat untuk kalian menulis ? adakah barang yang wajib ada saat anda menulis selain kertas/pulpen atau komputer ?

Senin, Oktober 19, 2009

Bucked-up Songs


First I'll tell you why I post this. Inspired by my friend's blog Herding Cats who posted about her sickies! and songs that make her day up from the a dumpster-dragged day. I start thinking on my head about my weakness situation, I'm thinking, do I have songs on my awful day ?. Soon, I'm start looking on my playlist, searching wheter if there is/are song(s) could be my spirit-generator song(s) when I stand on cracky days. The answer, hei-hei-hei, yea, I have song that could be my spirit-generator or picking me up from dumpster-dragged day, not only a song, but 2 songs.

What are they, the songs I chose as my inspiring songs ?. Well here are the list :
1. I Believe by Agnes Monica, taken from her latest album (gold edition) 'Sacredly Agnezious'

2. Harapan (Hope) by Jflow

Being stucked in your life and stand on your impasse, sometimes could stressed you and make you like a crazy stupid person, most if there are no body near you to guide you, to help you. Song, could be your anwer, or even it didn't gave you a shoot, at least with hearing your favourite song could relaxing your soul, body and mind. So, what about you guys ? do you have your own bucked-up songs ? please let me know it.

Rabu, Oktober 14, 2009

YM! chat with my best friends


I've just got a funny yet a great moment with my YM! . A few minutes a go, I logged on to my Yahoo Messenger account, and soon after I logged on, 4 of my best friends chat on me. First I chatted with my sister, not my real sibling, but either me or her already regards each of us as a sibling, so I called her 'kak' (it mean sister in English), Novita Sari Harahap or use to called Nope as her nickname. Chit chat about her coming on November, planning to hire my photography company to took pictures of her and a friend of her. She ask about gothic and japanese-style as the concept. I say yes to her, and start discussed about others like price, wadrobe, location, etc.

Second chat session, there is Deddy Samuel Hutahaean, my high-school's mate. Like we always did before, we chat just about to giving joke each other, and by the end of our conversation he asked what should he use (drink or eat) to make his eyes open longer than should, to make unslumber at the night, so I gave him a few of advices to him.

Last but not least, my conference chat with Eaz and Metha, I called them as e.e and memet. First we talked about our plan to build business cooperation between us. Second and others, we talked about anything, about blogging, people, about food, etc.

Those stories about my funny yet great moment YM! chat today. I thank to God still giving me and my friends time to chat. Sometimes, as humanbeing, we easily to not thank God about great moments that looks simply we have. From now on, I will force my self to always thank God about everything God have done to my life, either happy or sorrow.

Jumat, Oktober 09, 2009

My PROMISEs (Quote of the week #6)


This time, will all about my deep-deep-deep feeling, came from my deepest broken heart, about anger, sadness and madness.

First of all, I would like to say 'SUCK' to people who underestimated on me, say 'FUCK' to people who kicked my ass, 'SHIT' to people who always have bullshit in their live and try to maintain their bullshit on me, and last but still not least I'll say 'DUMB' to them, them who try to fuckin play with me, try to mess my life. Those are were my 'hello' words to all my 'best-friends' (well, see the quotation marks right ? so, it means the opposite).

Who the hell they think they are, huh ? Conquerors ? NO. Presidents ? NO. Cellebrities ? NO. What made you think that you allowed to done all those crappy things to me, huh ? You know what ? You were mean nothing to me and still mean nothing to me or even to the world you have nothing, so, please, do not even try to think, compare your self to me, 'coz believe me, you'll hurted when you know that the asnwer is my self is bigger, smarter, ritcher and even more famous (LOL) than all of you. But its fine, if you still make a big laugh on your ass-face, enjoy your time, time for your mouth-ass to laugh as bigger as you want. How about me ? chill, I'll take a seat now, keep my eyes staring down on you with your idiocy acts, i'll pay attention to that idiocy, the one you are happy to have it. So, once again, please (ups, how many times I've wrote the 'please' word huh ? dont you think that I'm too polite even to all my 'best-friends', do you ? LOL), enjoy your shorted-time now, 'coz believe me, it wont last forever. Me, my self and I will come soon, with your consciously or not, like it or not, I'll knock you down, giving shit to your big shit. I'll laugh bigger than yours before and last I will walk in big confidence head-up, raise my hand, by the end of time, I'll say 'goodbye' to you, to the LOOSER.

Well here I will put a quotation from my idol, Agnes Monica. I think the quotation is related to what I wrote above, in one go to pay my not-wrote quote of the week for couple weeks, the quotation is 'Dont let negativity consume your mind, heart and soul. Nothing in this world worth your fears and worries. You are special in the eyes of the Lord' (taken from Agnes Monica's twitter).

Sabtu, Oktober 03, 2009

Tribute to Batik and Halal Bihalal with Mig33rs - October 2nd, 2009


Finally, Batik officially announced by UNESCO as World Heritage from Indonesia on October 2nd 2009, yesterday.

Yea, akhirnya batik resmi diakui sebagai warisan budaya dari Indonesia oleh UNESCO. Peresmian oleh UNESCO ini berlangsung tepat di Dubai, Abu Dhabi, untuk lebih lengkapnya berita ada di Gue dan teman-teman komunitas Mig33 Jakarta, atau biasa disebut Mig33rs juga mengadakan sebuah acara dengan titel 'tribute to BATIK dan halal bihalal mig33rs', bertempat di lapangan panahan senayan Jl. Asia Afrika, Jakarta. Dengan sedikit persiapan dan dana, kegiatan yang berlangsung tepatnya pukul 4 sore tanggal 2 Oktober, 2009, Sabtu dapat dikatakan cukup berhasil.

Dibawah ini beberapa poto-poto yang sempat diabadikan pada saat acara sabtu kemarin :

(with my best friends, Bayu 'n Eaz)


(me, adhit 'n eaz)


(eaz, jobe, iluk 'n gue)


(puay, witha 'n gue)


-the crew-


Batik, sudah dan akan tetap gue banggakan sebagai salah satu bentuk fashion dari negara gue. Gue akan sangat bangga dalam setiap kesempatan gue memakainya. Kalau bukan gue sebagai warga negara Indonesia yang mencintai, memakai dan mempromosikan BATIK, siapa lagi coba ?

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