Jumat, Oktober 09, 2009

My PROMISEs (Quote of the week #6)

This time, will all about my deep-deep-deep feeling, came from my deepest broken heart, about anger, sadness and madness.

First of all, I would like to say 'SUCK' to people who underestimated on me, say 'FUCK' to people who kicked my ass, 'SHIT' to people who always have bullshit in their live and try to maintain their bullshit on me, and last but still not least I'll say 'DUMB' to them, them who try to fuckin play with me, try to mess my life. Those are were my 'hello' words to all my 'best-friends' (well, see the quotation marks right ? so, it means the opposite).

Who the hell they think they are, huh ? Conquerors ? NO. Presidents ? NO. Cellebrities ? NO. What made you think that you allowed to done all those crappy things to me, huh ? You know what ? You were mean nothing to me and still mean nothing to me or even to the world you have nothing, so, please, do not even try to think, compare your self to me, 'coz believe me, you'll hurted when you know that the asnwer is my self is bigger, smarter, ritcher and even more famous (LOL) than all of you. But its fine, if you still make a big laugh on your ass-face, enjoy your time, time for your mouth-ass to laugh as bigger as you want. How about me ? chill, I'll take a seat now, keep my eyes staring down on you with your idiocy acts, i'll pay attention to that idiocy, the one you are happy to have it. So, once again, please (ups, how many times I've wrote the 'please' word huh ? dont you think that I'm too polite even to all my 'best-friends', do you ? LOL), enjoy your shorted-time now, 'coz believe me, it wont last forever. Me, my self and I will come soon, with your consciously or not, like it or not, I'll knock you down, giving shit to your big shit. I'll laugh bigger than yours before and last I will walk in big confidence head-up, raise my hand, by the end of time, I'll say 'goodbye' to you, to the LOOSER.

Well here I will put a quotation from my idol, Agnes Monica. I think the quotation is related to what I wrote above, in one go to pay my not-wrote quote of the week for couple weeks, the quotation is 'Dont let negativity consume your mind, heart and soul. Nothing in this world worth your fears and worries. You are special in the eyes of the Lord' (taken from Agnes Monica's twitter).


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