Selasa, April 19, 2011



Being such a long time looking for inspiration (traveling for specific), verry easy to get impressed by people who do their travel and write down their experiences and something. Now I do remember, before Agustinus Wibowo and Trinity Traveler, I had my father, who in his life been traveling to southeast asia countries (according to my limited memory, he's been to singapore and malaysia). Yup, in fact, my inspiration is right in my own family. 

I remember back then when I was a kid, still using white-and-read uniform (it's an elementary's uniform), I like to dream to be like my dad, being able to travel a lot. There was even a moment when I talked to my dad, saying 'I'll proove it, one day am gonna travel a lot more than you've been now'.  No such an underestimated answered by my father, he soon replied 'Amin'. 

Now, four days before his birthday. I'd like to say :

Dad, you know what ? I do really missed you. You are trully my inspiration, thanks for being such a great father to me. Please, do keep watch me, your son, 'coz there are some promises that I still try to achieve. It's for me yet for you. Happy birthday.  - your son

You've been my inspiration, and will always be my inspiration. 

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