Minggu, Juli 10, 2011

Just had the longest backpack-trip (so far) - BALI


Hello WORLD.

What's up y'all ? Hope you all are better than before, coz that's what I had during the last two weeks. Yup, it was my traveling, my longest backpack-trip I ever had (well, so far). Thank God and the universe who've helped me makin this trip came true. 

Me in Legian Beach.
What was the great things about this trip ? Ahh,, can't tell you, but the TRIP it self was great. For the umpteenth time, I visit Bali (with two my bestfriends Eaz and Dheny), the island of God, the most beautiful island in asia, even in the world (according to DestinAsia magazine in 2009 and Majalah Travel + Leisure in 2009 and 2010). No doubt, bali is a great island with a lot beatiful beaches, beautiful traditional life, the architectures, and many more. Even two books will be not enough to describes how great Bali is, and I was like so damn lucky to have the opportunity to visit the island, again. 

A great view of former kingdom of Karangasem.
For this visit to Bali, I went to several places that I never been before. Exploring former kingdom of Karangasem building, in Karagasem, Bali.  Now known as a beautiful park called 'Taman Ujung'. What I can tell about this place, a two-and-half hours distance soon will get pay off. Right after we reached the place. , the only word I kept saying was wow, wow, and wow. The best view from this place is from the top of it's area. You will have a deep-blue-sea-view right in front of you. I bet that you wouldn't even dare to hold yourself to not take some or lot pictures here. 11 - 3 pm would be the best time if you want to go to this place, with a three thousand IDR only for ticket entrance per person, the place highly recommended.

Little bit to the south, finally for the first time in my life I reached Padang-Padang beach. Well, actually during my trip two years ago when visiting Bali, me and friends stop by on the bridge right above this beach, but this time was really my first time to finally make my footprint on it's white sand. The beach is very close to Uluwatu temple and I'm telling you, the waves here are crazy. Highly recommended to those who loves to surf with their surfboards. A little note for those who love beatuy beache and calmness, the beach is not for you. The place is too crowded, the beach it self not that really great actually (well, even I admit it's better than Kuta). But hey, a recommendation is still a recommendation rite ? if you reach Bali, sure you have to visit this place. What's not to visit in Bali, anyway ? they are all worthy to get visited.

See that little building in the pic ?
yes, that is an Uluwatu Temple. 
Besides the two places above, I also enjoy my time in Bali with friends to Kuta, Uluwatu Temple, BluePoint Beach, Sukawati Art Market, Bedugul Ulun Danu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple Beach, and last  but the best is to my friend's house (not literally, it's belong to her sister actually), Budi in Denpasar. Spent most of the time in Bali there. Me, Eaz and Dheny were like shocked - with a lot amazed 'wow' words not more than 5 minutes after we hit the groundfloor. The house has two POOLS, yes, y'all right. One is a swimming pool, and another one is for billiard game. 

Me, as personal, like envy in envious with the kitchen. It has a big refrigerator, a complete kitchen set, not only a complete kitchen set but also the food, and guess what ? it has a mini bar with a lot of beers and vodka (my favourite). The best moment that time was when we (me, eaz, dheny , budi and ivhan - sometimes budi's girlfriend also come to the house to join with us) had a dinner at the poolside. Really, at that time, I felt like I was in hotel. LOL, what a lucky rite ? I got a free meal + free accomodation.

So, total I spent 6 days in Bali from my total 15 days trip. Where were I the rest of those days ? Will tell you later. See ya.

fyi : 
- ticket entrance to Uluwatu is 3K IDR/person
- in Uluwatu Sukawati Art Market, you should bargain more harder to get perfect price.
- ticket entrance to Ulun Danu Bratan, Bedugul is 10K IDR/person (domestic) 
- You need to pay 5K IDR to get into Taman Ujung, former Karangasem's kingdom
- Domestic got to pay 7,500 IDR/person and foreigner 10K IDR/person to get into Uluwatu Temple Beach

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