Sabtu, Desember 25, 2010

Words on Christmas


There's something bothering my mind on this christmas day. About mutual respect and loving each other among human beings. I can't imagine if there were people who can't do respect and love each others who have different belief, convictions or let say opinions with them. I can't imagine if there were people who still doing discriminate others for their skin color, ethnic or their social status. What I can stop thinking is, who are we to be judging others ? who are we to be discriminate others ? we are human beings afterall, who are sinners without exception. How can one or group of people can say say another are sinner (um, wait did I type the right form ? I mean more sinned) than another. Here I want to say what's on my mind :

Onced I heard quote sayin in Bahasa, it was 'Kasihilah sesamamu manusia seperti kamu mengasihi dirimu sendiri' or in English it was 'Do love your neighbor as yourself'. Well, manusia in English suppose to be human but for the sentence context here, it become neighbor and what I want to say you, human here is stand for human beings, ALL human. It doesn't matter what their belief or convictions, their skin color, their ethnic, their social status or whatever. We supposed to love, caring yet respect each other. Because, God never discriminate us human, why should we ?

That's it, two short paragraphs from me, you are welcomeable to like it or dislike it. I don't even care. Anyway, Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it, and happy holiday for those who are in holiday right now. 

Kamis, Desember 16, 2010

Be a Responsible Traveler


Everybody loves traveling, who doesn't anyway ? After months or years hectic with their office-hours routinity, people usually will find their selves need to traveling badly. Some will traveling domestic, some of them who have more money will go abroad to enjoy their travel time. Well, no matter where n how you will go to spend your relax time, one thing you must do is BE A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER !!!

Being a responsible traveler here is about cleanliness. For about more than twenty times I traveled around the Indonesia and two south-east asian countries (thailand and vietnam which are very damn clean country). Sometimes I really feel ashamed with my country Indonesia - I've been to Bali, Yogyakarta, Belitung and other parts of Indonesia and I always found almost the same cases where people throwing their trash to the street (or even in the tourism object area) as like as them so innocent kids. Even my friends who traveled with me, I'll tell you, I onced ask a friend who littering his trash just like that to the street 'why did you do that ?', with feeling no guilty he answered 'I didn't see trash can near'. Can you imagine ? he blame for no trash can near the area. Have you ever guy thinks if Thailand and Vietnam can keep their countries cleanliness, why we can't ?

You guys can do couple things to be a responsible traveler :

- First, do not littering. No matter what style you choose while traveling, as a tourist or a backpacker. Do not even try to littering. Put your trash into trash can. Remember, any small trash that we throw will affect the entire world. It could bring flood and any other disaster. It is affect to global warming. In fact people who carelessly littering in a public will commited as a criminal offence.
- When you find there is no trash can near you, do put the trash into your bag first or your pocket before you can find the real trash can to throw it into.
- It will be good if you bring plastic bag everytime you travel. So, you can put your trash into it. BUT,  remember when you find trash can, do not throw the plastic bag, remove only the content so you can re-use the plastic bag again next time.

Over all of those three points, one thing you should remember while traveling is 'treat the places you visit like your own home'. 

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