Selasa, Juli 20, 2010

Tasty Time That I Just Tasted


Have you ever feel that like your life become so bored ? Like 'uh, I'm stuck and hate this condition, someone cheers me up please?' or like 'I hate to be alone in home, why did all people leaving to the mall without me? ughhh,,really it is sooo..arggghh'. So, have you ? if you never felt like that, lucky you, but if you felt those frickin emotion, you better cheer up 'cause I have one might very useful tip. It's really my very own experienced.

Once, about couple days ago, when I felt so bored while all my brothers and sisters were leaving to have their very fun time (I typed it with an envy to amusement park, well you can call its like Disney Land in Hongkong. That day I really had no idea what should I do. Angry, bored yet envy, all emotions mixed become one made me so frustated. As usual, or maybe it's just my habit, when boredom attacks me soon I must be have stronger desire to eat and eat just to make me feel calm. So, that day I opened refrigerator seeking couple foods to beat down to my stomach but there is food which really pull my attention with its very bright yellow-red color texted Tango Waffle Crunchox on its package. I opened it and put the waffle to my mouth, starts with tempted my tounge then crunchy when it met my teeth, really a great combination between crunchy and great taste. Soon after bite it all, my sour-like-younggrape face turn into sweet-like-sugar with a big smile on my face. I felt so happy after eating that Tango Waffle Crunchox, it works turn on my mood from level zero to ten and I'm in love at first bite with it. Seems like I really don't care anymore with the fact all my brothers and sisters are having a good time to amusement park without me.

From that day, I always can't hold myself to not eat that frickin great taste Tango Waffle Crunchox and I buy it almost everyday now. I never imagine one small package of waffle could made my day, it works on me and I'm sure it will works on you too guys. You should try it, it will change you bad mood into a good one, and off course not only worth to those with bad mood but it also will keep those who in a great of mood. Its not a big snack, but it will make a big smile on your face. So, SIZE really does not matter in this case.

Ohyeah, In case you wonder what Tango Waffle Crunchox really is, here I present you the official video about it or you can check to their official twitter account. Check this out :

One more thing, by buying this snack you're helping kids who suffers cause of malnutrition. Check this video out :

Last but not the least, I wish you all have a great experience as I already had with Tango Waffle Crunchox.

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