Sabtu, Desember 25, 2010

Words on Christmas


There's something bothering my mind on this christmas day. About mutual respect and loving each other among human beings. I can't imagine if there were people who can't do respect and love each others who have different belief, convictions or let say opinions with them. I can't imagine if there were people who still doing discriminate others for their skin color, ethnic or their social status. What I can stop thinking is, who are we to be judging others ? who are we to be discriminate others ? we are human beings afterall, who are sinners without exception. How can one or group of people can say say another are sinner (um, wait did I type the right form ? I mean more sinned) than another. Here I want to say what's on my mind :

Onced I heard quote sayin in Bahasa, it was 'Kasihilah sesamamu manusia seperti kamu mengasihi dirimu sendiri' or in English it was 'Do love your neighbor as yourself'. Well, manusia in English suppose to be human but for the sentence context here, it become neighbor and what I want to say you, human here is stand for human beings, ALL human. It doesn't matter what their belief or convictions, their skin color, their ethnic, their social status or whatever. We supposed to love, caring yet respect each other. Because, God never discriminate us human, why should we ?

That's it, two short paragraphs from me, you are welcomeable to like it or dislike it. I don't even care. Anyway, Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it, and happy holiday for those who are in holiday right now. 

Kamis, Desember 16, 2010

Be a Responsible Traveler


Everybody loves traveling, who doesn't anyway ? After months or years hectic with their office-hours routinity, people usually will find their selves need to traveling badly. Some will traveling domestic, some of them who have more money will go abroad to enjoy their travel time. Well, no matter where n how you will go to spend your relax time, one thing you must do is BE A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER !!!

Being a responsible traveler here is about cleanliness. For about more than twenty times I traveled around the Indonesia and two south-east asian countries (thailand and vietnam which are very damn clean country). Sometimes I really feel ashamed with my country Indonesia - I've been to Bali, Yogyakarta, Belitung and other parts of Indonesia and I always found almost the same cases where people throwing their trash to the street (or even in the tourism object area) as like as them so innocent kids. Even my friends who traveled with me, I'll tell you, I onced ask a friend who littering his trash just like that to the street 'why did you do that ?', with feeling no guilty he answered 'I didn't see trash can near'. Can you imagine ? he blame for no trash can near the area. Have you ever guy thinks if Thailand and Vietnam can keep their countries cleanliness, why we can't ?

You guys can do couple things to be a responsible traveler :

- First, do not littering. No matter what style you choose while traveling, as a tourist or a backpacker. Do not even try to littering. Put your trash into trash can. Remember, any small trash that we throw will affect the entire world. It could bring flood and any other disaster. It is affect to global warming. In fact people who carelessly littering in a public will commited as a criminal offence.
- When you find there is no trash can near you, do put the trash into your bag first or your pocket before you can find the real trash can to throw it into.
- It will be good if you bring plastic bag everytime you travel. So, you can put your trash into it. BUT,  remember when you find trash can, do not throw the plastic bag, remove only the content so you can re-use the plastic bag again next time.

Over all of those three points, one thing you should remember while traveling is 'treat the places you visit like your own home'. 

Minggu, Oktober 17, 2010

Oh, I Miss You Saigon


Wohoo. Finally I'm back again, wait, is it been a year since my last posted or what ? yea I know it's only two months from my last posted, but really I feel it like been a long, long, long time me not post anything on this blog.

Now I want to tell you what did I got from my trip to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) on last August. Before that, you guys must be remember from my last posted about my dubiety due will I go there alone by myself or my friend coming with me. So, you can say it was a good news or either a bad news 'cause I went to Saigon with my friend. We spent three days two nights in Saigon. I won't give the details story, I'll just give you some clues about Saigon.

First, If you're a backpacker and not sure about the security things and feels like 'Oh, okay First I really want to get my hotel safely', then you can go straight to the taxi reservation booth which located near to exit door. Yeah, the price quite expensive compare to if we get the taxi from the outside or going by bus, but again as I said before, if you really feeld the safety must come first. It sure the best choice. The price is around 170,000 dong Vietnam.

If you have no idea about which hotel with reasonable price and which one too expensive. Don't ever say 'yes' to your taxi driver's suggestion, those all bullshit. There are a lot of hotel with cheaper price than what the taxi driver will suggest you. To make it easy, when you get the taxi, just ask the taxi driver to take you to the area you want. For example, just ask the taxi driver to take you to Pham Ngu Lao street area, this area is similiar to Jalan Jaksa in Jakarta, it is a very popular area for backpackers around the world. Guarantee, you'll find plenty of cheap hostels there.

Buy packet tour to ChuChi Tunnel, it's a must-see spot in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). The price of tour around 12 USD - 20 USD. Curious about, what Chu Chi Tunnel is ? Chu Chi Tunnel is proof that once the great country United States were overtaken by Vietnam in The Vietnam War. You can click here for details about Vietnam War and here for details about Chu Chi Tunnel. The time when you see this tunnel, you will find amaze with this country.

If you are a coffe lover, you should oh wait, you must try vietnam coffee. You can find in almost restaurant there or event a stree-booth food. When I was there, me and my friend is looking for a breakfast, so, we walked near our hostel and find a street-booth food seller. My friend is eating his vietnam-pork noodle, and me ? instead of having a real breakfast to fillin my stomach, I order a glass of Vietnam Coffee. There were the best part, I order a cold-iced vietnam coffee. At first I thought, 'euhhh, what coffee is this ?' but when my tounge start tasted the coffee, oh may, I can say it just like in heaven, the best coffee I ever tasted and you know what ? we can have a glass of coffee Vietnam with just only 6,000 VND - 8,000 VND, which is the same with 3,000 - 4,000 IDR or less than 1 USD.

Who is the sophaholic one here ? then, you should go to Ben Thanh Market. How you get there ? You can do walk from Pham Ngu Lao Street, but if you feel like tired or you not ready for sweat, you can choose taxi to go there. Ben Thanh Market is the biggest traditional market in Ho Chi Minh (or even in entire Vietnam). There are some tips if you do you shopping tradition. First, it will be better if bring calculator for bargaining with the sellers. More smile, it might help you to get best price. If you find the first place you came is quite expensive, do find to another shop, you can always find anothe shop attendant where it's easier to bargain. The point, just explore all the Ben Thanh Market, remember it is a big market!.
Fyi, Ben Thanh Market is open from 10 am untill 6 pm. If you missed the market at noon, you still can do it after 6 pm. There are plenty of fashion/food seller around Ben Thanh Market Street, If I ain't wrong the street-night market is open untill 10 pm.

Oh yeah, if you a kind of historical one. I think it's a good idea for you to visit War Remnants Museum. Located at District 3, Vo Va Tan Street. You must pay 15,000 Dong before you can enter this museum. You'll see a lot of pictures and replicas from Vietnam War. Tears will goes down from your eyes, err,,too much ? go yourself then, see, whether you'll cry or not. LOL.

Thats enough I think, I already gave some clues if you want traveling to Saigon a.k.a Ho Chi Minh City. So, what am I say about the city ? Not quite a big city like Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, but it sure give you a different atmosphere. City with large amount of beautiful city-park, city with various kind of great food, a citiy with a lot - lot - lot of motorcycle, etc. Somehow, you'll soon know what's will make you happy and feel 'yuck' about the city.

p.s :
- First Picture, Me at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh).
- Second Picture is the famous Vietnam Coffee, that coffee was the cold-ice coffee one.
- Third Picture, Me and two beautiful Shop-keepers at Ben Thanh Street Night Market Area.
- Fourth Picutre is , hem, wait, oh no, I really can't remember. Anyone have an idea ? what statue it is ? and where was it in Saigon ? For sure, I took the picture when had my taxi from Ben Thanh Market to the airport. 

Jumat, Agustus 06, 2010

Can I or Can't I ?


Let make it quick. On this Monday, August 23, 2010 I have a flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I've booked the ticket last year along with my brother and my friend (and I got the promo fare, a very cheap one). So, it suppose to be three of us will be flying to Vietnam to enjoy our holiday but plan still a plan, it could happen and it couldn't happen too. The fact my brother just got his new job couple months ago, made him 99% for sure couldn't go with me to enjoy our holiday due his not able to get off from his work and my friend, hem, I do not know yet wheter he's in to this holiday or not, 'cause untill now He have not made his passport (fyi, we need two weeks long to make a passport). So, with those explanation, I have my own conclusion (at least for now), I think I'm going to do this all alone by myself.

The fact that I'm going to meet new people from other country with their culture, their language that I have no idea are freaking out my mind yet make me excited, off course the excited feel is more bigger. But, the truth, Yes I am ready to do this travel. So, guys, just wait for my travel report on the end of this month. I am so excited.

Selasa, Juli 20, 2010

Tasty Time That I Just Tasted


Have you ever feel that like your life become so bored ? Like 'uh, I'm stuck and hate this condition, someone cheers me up please?' or like 'I hate to be alone in home, why did all people leaving to the mall without me? ughhh,,really it is sooo..arggghh'. So, have you ? if you never felt like that, lucky you, but if you felt those frickin emotion, you better cheer up 'cause I have one might very useful tip. It's really my very own experienced.

Once, about couple days ago, when I felt so bored while all my brothers and sisters were leaving to have their very fun time (I typed it with an envy to amusement park, well you can call its like Disney Land in Hongkong. That day I really had no idea what should I do. Angry, bored yet envy, all emotions mixed become one made me so frustated. As usual, or maybe it's just my habit, when boredom attacks me soon I must be have stronger desire to eat and eat just to make me feel calm. So, that day I opened refrigerator seeking couple foods to beat down to my stomach but there is food which really pull my attention with its very bright yellow-red color texted Tango Waffle Crunchox on its package. I opened it and put the waffle to my mouth, starts with tempted my tounge then crunchy when it met my teeth, really a great combination between crunchy and great taste. Soon after bite it all, my sour-like-younggrape face turn into sweet-like-sugar with a big smile on my face. I felt so happy after eating that Tango Waffle Crunchox, it works turn on my mood from level zero to ten and I'm in love at first bite with it. Seems like I really don't care anymore with the fact all my brothers and sisters are having a good time to amusement park without me.

From that day, I always can't hold myself to not eat that frickin great taste Tango Waffle Crunchox and I buy it almost everyday now. I never imagine one small package of waffle could made my day, it works on me and I'm sure it will works on you too guys. You should try it, it will change you bad mood into a good one, and off course not only worth to those with bad mood but it also will keep those who in a great of mood. Its not a big snack, but it will make a big smile on your face. So, SIZE really does not matter in this case.

Ohyeah, In case you wonder what Tango Waffle Crunchox really is, here I present you the official video about it or you can check to their official twitter account. Check this out :

One more thing, by buying this snack you're helping kids who suffers cause of malnutrition. Check this video out :

Last but not the least, I wish you all have a great experience as I already had with Tango Waffle Crunchox.

Jumat, Juni 25, 2010

Quote of the week #8


About couple minutes ago, one of my idol Trinity tweeted great words. She tweeted 'If you don’t take your own dreams seriously, who will?' What an inspiring words right ? Anyway more details about Trinity you can find from her blog at Naked-Traveler. She's a writer and a traveler. 

Kamis, Juni 10, 2010

Tripple A


Tripple A ? What's that mean ? A here are means : First, Agnes. Second, Anye. Third, AMI.

More details :
First AAgnes Monica is the main character in this time. Like I've said before on my post , Agnes Monica is Indonesian great actress yet singer. In her twenty-something , she's already made people claimed her as Diva in Indonesia. Not only collected the fame word in her own country, slow but sure she already receive the fame in others country like Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and even Korea. Think she's enough for those all those fame ? No. She's still on her way to reach more and more international recognition. All I have to do (well maybe all her fans got to do) is just wait and see, it's all about the time who will tell everything we need to know from her.

Second A. ANYE. I've posted about this one too, but it will be more words pictures now. I assumed all of you already know what ANYE is. It's Agnes Monica's clothing line which soon will be launch, you can keep update about when it will be launch by visiting the official web of ANYE. Here I'm about to say that there are more of the products you can pre-order, since I've post the clutch thing now I want to post about ANYE's new skirt pre-order. These skirts from batik and available in some different colors. Here are some sample :

this how you can pre-order those pants skirts, just email to or for more details click here or here

Third A is for AMI 2010 (Anugerah Musik Indonesia), its an award for Indonesian Mucician which aired on RCTI about couple hours a go. Agnes was nominated for seven nominees and guess what, she won three awards on that night for Best of the best album, Best Pop Album, and Best Pop Female Singer. There were words she quoted from Bible while receiving the Best of the best album category 'Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity'

What a great 'A' right ? What do you think guys ?

Rabu, Juni 02, 2010

Recap From Garut to ANYE


Didn't I tell you that last week was a long weekend in my country ? As usual, I went holiday, and this time Garut, West Java was my chose - well not me who chose the location actually it was my friend, Nuky who have the idea. I went to Garut on Saturday, while my friend Nuky left a fay earlier on Friday. So, my destination is Nuky's friend's house (his friend name was Taufik, but often to called by his nickname Opick) on Pesawahan, Garut Kota. The view was fucking awesome, the area surrounded by seven volcanoes, and it seemed Garut was the only one are in Indonesia which surrounded by seven volcanoes, isn't that awesome ? If you sayin' no, maybe the natural hot water pool could tease your travel-desires. Not only volanoes and hot-water pool can indulge our body and soul, but there are ten beacc for those who claimed theirselves as beaches-lover, or if you looking for another sensation you can be an impromptu farmer on rice fields there and so many other things we can enjoy in Garut. The location is about an hour from Bandung City or 4 hours from Jakarta. 
What a bad was I didn't bring my Lumix with me. The camera still on my friend's CeCe, so this holiday less of pictures to show, wait-wait, oh yeah there are some photos from my corby, the only camera I have that time. Due I used my mobile as camera, it didn't accomodate many pictures caused of the memory limit, but then, like people always says it still better than nothing at all. 

Thats it for my unplanned-holiday recap, now I'm gonna tell you something about my Idol, Agnes Monica. I've just got news from a very realiable source saying that Agnes Monica will soon launch her clothing line called ANYE . Hearing a word ANYE, you might rolling your eyes and curious yet feel weird of this word and say 'what the hell is the word mean ?' and according to Agnes Monica's twitter account, ANYE is how French say Agnes. For me, eventhough the name is too weird - specially for Indonesian ears well but the word is actually seems like hypnotize us to asking questions and forces us to find out about the word, isn't mean catchy-enough for a new brand right ?

The clothing line planned to be a something big, not an ordinary boutique like other Indonesian artist who only have one store and the stuffs came from buy and sell (you know, they buy dress or something from abroad then bring it to the country to sell on their boutique) but ANYE for sure (well, at least what Agnes Monica's management think) will be big as big as what P.Diddy has. (p.s: image source from

A little bit explanation about the 'man behind the gun' of this clothing line, Agnes Monica. She's a superstar from Indonesia, her main career are as singer and actress. You can click here to see her performance and here. She started her career at the age 5 years old as a singer and keep maintained her career untill now, a very huge career in entertainment indutry is on her hand. Feel like not enough for the popularity-success in singing and acting's world, she is now on her way to launch her own clothing line, ANYE. Her pre-product has launched on her twitter account, and you all can pre-order to her e-mail directly. Here is one of her products you can pre-order :

(image sourced from

Kamis, Mei 27, 2010

Another blog


This post going tobe a quick one. Its about my new blog, three days a go, officially I posted something into my new blog. For blog itself, actually I made it about two or three months a go. Due to some reasons, I just got my time days ago to editing the template and posted some. My new blog name is MOTODIPOTO , its mean PhotographingPhotographed in English. The blog more focus on Photography things from my taste, as a wannabe photographer yet as a wannabe model side. You all are welcome to my blog, so please, don't get hesitate to take you finger to my blog. Critics or somethings are welcome too.

Oh yea, in Indonesia it will be a long weekend start from tomorrow. So dude, happy holiday all ^^

Selasa, Mei 18, 2010

An Impressive Journey


Bermalam di Pulau Semak Daun, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta.

Hari Pertama : Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

Akhir pekan lalu saya baru saja melakukan perjalanan ala backpacker bersama teman saya Reza Purnama a.k.a CeCe dan teman-temannya CeCe saat duduk di bangku SMA yaitu Dstya Adventyas a.k.a Lastri, Deddy Samuel a.k.a Juri, Nando Tampubolon a.k.a Nando yang baru saja saya kenal dalam waktu semalam. Perjalanan yang kami lakukan adalah mengunjungi Pulau semak daun yang memiliki keindahan akan pantai dan terumbu karangnya. Keberangkatan awal saya lakukan dari rumah gino tempat kami bermalam dan berkumpul menuju ke marina ancol. Waktupun menunjukan pukul 04.00 wib pagi, saya dan nando yang tidak tidur semalaman mulai membangunkan teman-teman kami yang lainnya untuk segera bergegas mandi dan siap-siap untuk melakukan perjalan ala backpacker kami (for the first time). Dari rumah nando kami menggunakan bajaj menuju halte busway terdekat untuk menuju marina ancol (sempet salah busway,sangking ga mau ketinggalan kapal pukul 07.00 wib)!! Sesampainya di ancol kami harus berjalan kaki cukup jauh sekali menuju dermaga (padahal ada ojek, tp kan temanya backpacker jd harus jln kaki,,aaarrrgghhh)!!!! Tanpa diduga reza memberhentikan salah satu pengendara motor dijalan untuk menumpang menuju ke dermaga tempat pembelian tiket kapal. Dengan seenak jidatnya dia, tas bawaannya ditinggal dan dia pun langsung pergi meninggalkan kita dengan sepeda motor. Sampai juga kami di tempat pembelian tiket dimana antrian yang panjang sudah menyambut kami.

Waktu pun menjunjukkan pukul 07.00 wib kami pun tidak berfikir panjang lagi langsung masuk dalam antrian karena takut akan kehabisan tiket kapal. Setelah menunggu sekian lama seorang petugas tiketpun berkata: tiket telah HABISSS!!!! Arrrgghhh,,ga munggkiiinn! Secerca kami berteriak!! Adanya ketidak patuhan dalam tata tertib penjualan tiket (Rp.32.000) di dermaga marina ancol membuat kami dan orang-orang yang kehabisan tiket geram. Bayangin aja, didalam peraturan tertera kalau tidak dapat mewakilkan dalam pembelian tiket terkecuali anak dibawah 10 tahun dan Lansia, tapi pada kenyataannya banyak banget yang satu orang beli tiket untuk 5 orang bahkan lebih. Keributan pun tak dapat ter-elakkan, nando yang katanya sang volunteer penjaga kali bersih (uppss.. maksudnya volunteer JakartaBersih) sangat geram memprotes petugas untuk menyediakan kembali tiket dan armada. Kami pun tidak pantang menyerah, tetap berusaha dan berada di dermaga marina ancol menunggu armada lain dating menjemput. 4 jam kami menunggu akhirnya datang juga kapal yang kami tunggu, langsung menuju pulau pramuka!! *fiuuhhh akhirnya berangkat juga..bye-bye Jakarta, bye-bye macet, bye-bye polusi.

Waktu yang ditempuh marina - pulau pramuka adalah (45menit) klo ga salah. Ditengah perjalanan menuju pulau pramuka kapal kamipun sering berhenti sejenak,dikarenakan banyaknya sampah yang menyangkut di baling-baling kapal. Betapa kotornya laut Jakarta,,Dan Akhirnya sampai juga kita dipulau pramuka, yey! Pukul 13.30 wib. Kamipun langsung menyewa snorkling dengan harga Rp. 40.000 dan perahu untuk pergi kepulau semak daun dengan harga Rp.300.000. Ternyata sebelum kepulau semak daun kami ditujukan kepulau air,,, pulau air adalah pulau kecil yang indah dengan hamparan pasir putih dan air laut dengan ombak yang tenang hijau jernih dengan dasar yang rendah sehingga sangat nyaman jika kita ingin berenang di sini. Sekitar satu jam kami berenang dan ber-snorkeling ria di pantai pulau ini. Coral-coral yang indah dengan habitatnya menjadikan saya merasa sangat menikmati pemandangan alam bawah laut. Dan tentunya mengabadikannya dengan foto-foto indah coral. Tampak bangunan-bangunan peradaban kota bawah laut dengan keindahan pancang-pancang karang yang merekahkan bunga-bunga karang berwarna-warni yang tersibukkan oleh keriuhan dan keramaian penduduk kota yang beraneka ragam jenis, warna dan bentuknya,, wooooww,,,goooddd,,indah tiada duanya!! Dan tak terasa waktu di jam tangan si juri sudah menunjukan pukul 16.00 wib, yang berarti sudah sore dan semua harus istirahat. Kamipun melanjutkan perjalanan kepulau semak daun. Di sana tidak terdapat resort/hotel/cottage/penginapan apalah itu namanya, jika ingin tinggal di sana anda harus membawa tenda/sleeping bag/camping dan hanya membayar Rp.50.000/terserah berapa lama bermalam dibyr ke penjaga pulau. hanya ada penjaga pulau saja yang menetap disana. memang tempat yang indah dengan pasir putih yang lembut dan tempat yang benar-benar nyaman untuk bermalam.

Karena hari sudah sore kami segera mencari dan menyusuri pulau semak daun untuk
mendirikan tenda. Dan Tenda kamipun akhirnya berdiri walaupun seadanya! Sunset yang (mungkin) begitu indah tidak kami lihat karena terlalu sibuk dan letihnya berurusan dengan tenda dan segala macam atribut kekomporan dan masak memasak. Hari sabtu yang bagi sebagian besar anak gaul jakarta dihabiskan bermesraan dengan para kekasih mereka masing-masing pun lewat setelah kami habiskan dengan bermain kartu dan sedikit bumbu-bumbu lawakan dari kami masing-masing.

Hari Kedua : Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

Jam 5 pagi, saat saya, juri dan dstya mungkin (lebih tepatnya memang iya) ngiler dan terpejam kedua mata kami, saat itu pula terdengar samar-samar perpaduan suara indahnya kicauan burung dengan suara hancurnya obrolan kedua perjaka (amin) CeCe dan Nando yang sedang sibuk memasak dengan kompo hasil pinjaman dari temannya si Lizy. Setelah dengan perut kenyang akhirnya mereka berdua membangunkan kami bertiga yang masih setengah sadar didalam tenda untuk sarapan dan bersiap karena jemputan perahu akan tiba jam 7 pagi, dan yeah, disinilah sialnya kami semua. Karena terlalu sibuk dengan urusan perut dan membenahi tenda juga tas bawaan kami masing-masing akhirnya SUNRISE pun terlewatkan lagi. Hebat bukan ? (arrrgggghhh,,,teriak). Sembari menunggu kedatangan bang Sangin si pengendara perahu yang menjemput, kami berlima menjadi satu, loh-loh kok jadi kaya lagu kartun jaman es-de y ? Oke, balik ke cerita, kami berlima yang sudah rapih, wangi (walau tidak mandi) langsung dengan sigap mengelilingi pulau Semak Daun untuk mencari angle-angle spot terbaik untuk photosession.

Delapan lewat sepuluh menit kami pun menyelesaikan photosession dengan terpaksa karena waktu yang sangat terbatas mengharuskan kami untuk naik perahu agar sampai ke pulau pramuka sesuai jadwal, yang tentunya didahului dengan menyinggahi pulau air kembali dan juga pulau keramba, tempat penangkaran ikan hiu dan segala jeni ikan lainnya. 8.45 perahupun merapat diseberang pulau air,,kami satu persatu melompat terjun bebas ke laut yang jernih. Kemudian saya, CeCe, dan juri mencetuskan untuk berlomba berenang menuju pulau air. Sesak terengah-engah kami ber-3 sesampainya dibibir pantai pulau air.hahahahaa,,,setelah sejam kami bermain-main dipulai air kami melanjutkan ke penangkaran hiu dekat dari pulau pramuka walaupun hujan menghadang kami. Sampailah kita di penangkaran hiu,,woooww,,indahnya berbagai macam hiu terdapat di penangkaran ini. Selain hiu, juga terdapat penangkaran ikan bandeng, lobster, kerapuh, kakap, dll. Tidak hanya melihat jenis-jenis ikan, tetapi kita juga membeli dan memberi makan langsung ikan-ikan tersebut. Karena waktu kami sangat terbatas kami segera melanjutkan perjalanan pulang menuju kepulau pramuka.

Pukul 10.00 wib tiba di pulau pramuka langsung bergegas ketempat pembelian tiket dan terpampang “TIKET KE MARINA HABIS” ooohh myyy gooooodd!!! What should we do, God?! Sedangkan keberangkatan baru ada lagi keesokan harinya. Ga mungkin kita pulang keesokanhari dikarenakan persediaan pangan dan uang yang sudah menipis, well, lebih tepatnya sangat menipis. Akhirnya kami saya mencoba ke dermaga untuk mencari alternatif perahu lain dan pucuk dicinta ulampun tiba *kalau kata pepatah* , ada seorang bapak mengajak kami “ayooo-ayooo naik keperahu”. Kami bingung kapal itu menuju kemana. Bapak itu berkata “ayooo,,muara angkee,,muara angkee,,,” kami langsung mengikuti rombongan didepan kami menuju kapal. Senangnya sudah berada didalam kapal. Butuh waktu 2 jam untuk menuju muara angke (1 jam 15 menit lebih lama dari keberangkatan awal). Cukup ekstrim juga menggunakan jasa kapal ini, kami layaknya imigran gelap yang ingin menuju suatu daerah tertentu berbasah-basah ria, blum lagi asap kapal, dan suara bising dari mesin kapal. Ditengah perjalanan hujan dengan lebatnya mengguyur laut Jakarta. Kekhawatiran muncul dibenak saya bagaimana apabila kapal ini dihantam ombak yang sangat besar dan dikapal ini tidak disediakan pelampung…ohhh tuhaaannn,,,maafkanlah hambamu ini ya tuhaannn (dalam hati saya,,uhuhuhuuu). Merasa bosan dengan suasana kapal dan laut yang diguyur hujan lebat kami menghabiskan waktu dengan bercanda gurau dan tidur pastinya. Jam menunjukkan sekitar pukul 13.00 wib, grimis! Akhirnya kami sampai juga di muara angke! Sejauh mata memandang hanya sampah saja yang bisa saya lihat, bau yang menusuk hidung membuat perut mual. Ini kali pertama saya berada di muara angke. Tidak tahan dengan kondisi seperti itu saya berkali-kali muntah. Dan segera mencari angkot yang menuju grogol,,,dan kami menggunakan jasa bus sampai daerah asmi - pulomas dan dilanjutkan dengan taxi sampai kembali di rumah nando.

This is guest post from my new friend called Monte. Well, at first actually I asked him to write down the story in English, but I dunno why and how, well, maybe he just lost his mind somewhere or what.LOL, so this is it. His full story of our backpacking to Semak Daun Island, Thousands Island in Bahasa Indonesia. Want to know more about the author ? He has no blog, but still He so easy to find in this online's world. Just add his twitter monteFadly or his FB account.

Minggu, Mei 09, 2010

Being a Backpacker


is not easy yet not too hard

Next week, I will go to Semak Daun Island, on Thousand Islands, Jakarta with my highschool's friends. We dealed to make this trip as a backpacker journey, and due all my friends never doing backpacker journey like this before so they asked me to arrange and make the itinerary for this trip. They told me 'You know what, we never did this before, so its our first time and we know nothing about backpacker stuffs. What we should do ?'.

I know I'm not expert on this thing yet, but at least I want to share what I know about backpacking, which I hope will be useful for my friends and those who need to know about it. Well, here are few tips from me :

1. Observe. First thing you should do when you decide to backpacking to someplace is observe. Find out about the place you want to visit, what is a plus and minus from the place, how to get there - transportation, where to stay - accomodation, etc. By observe the place, you'll know what you have to bring and you'll know what you have to write on for the itinerary.

2. Be Brave. You can't go backpacking if you still affraid of many things like 'Uhm, where do we will stay there?' , 'How we get there?', 'What if the budget far from our estimates?', 'What if we lose our money while we go there' , and others what if questions. All I can say is be brave. Just remember that human will try their best effort to get survive, its a nature law.

3. Be Strong. I hate when backpacking with person who always complain about anything. Complain about long walking on feet, complain about the food, complain about place overnight, etc. If you are too tired to walk far, If you hate or can't eat bad food, If you hate to overnight on a place with dusty all over it, If you are too worry about the heat of the sun and coldness at the night then you shouldn't go backpacking. Being a backpacker is to make us strong, so just face all the condition, do not complain.

4. Don't Be Shy. Don't shy to ask directions from people if you get lost. Don't be shy to do an impromptu job while you traveled and lack of money to afford your days. If it needed, you can put you shyness at home first when you want go backpacking.

5. Be Generous. Generous here mean in any aspects. Generous to natural environment and also to humanbeing. For example, always bring plastic bag while you backpacking to put all your trash during your trip untill you meet the real trash can. Don't forget to help people who need a help. Being a traveler with low budget doesn't mean make you to be a selfish person. When you meet poeple who needs your help so much, try to help her/him, try your best. In my life, I do believe with karma, so if you put a good point to others then you'll got the good points too from others on our days in the future.

6. Wise With Money. Yup, due to backpacking is a low budget traveling, so, we have to spend every cent of our money wisely. Try to find anything (like transportation, overnight place, etc) with the lowest cost. Be frugal.

Thats all from me and one thing for sure, just give it a try. Once you traveling with backpacker style, soon you'll know whether you fit become a backpacker or not.

Kamis, April 29, 2010

Jakarta Bersih


hanya impiankah ?

Untuk postingan kali ini spesial menggunakan bahasa tercinta saya Indonesia (ya, walau bukan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia yang baku). Sedikit banyak saya mau membahas tentang Jakarta dan segala kekotorannya (dalam arti yang sebenarnya) yang ada. Mungkin udah gak terlalu asing mendengar kalau Jakarta itu termaksud salah satu kota terpolusi terbesar di dunia dan pasti sudah gak asing juga kalau berjalan ke sudut-sudut kota Jakarta akan selalu menemukan sampah berserakan dijalanan. Karena saking banyaknya sampah yang ada di jakarta sehingga ada beberapa daerah di Jakarta yang menjadi langganan banjir ketika hujan menghujam kota megapolitan ini. Kotor, tercemar, terpolusi atau apalah itu sudah pasti bukan suatu hal yang patut untuk dibanggakan bukan ? Terus ? Mau berdiam diri saja menikmati 'tontonan' sampah-sampah yang tergeletak di kota ini atau mau bangun dan mulai melakukan perubahan ?.

Ingat, banyak sekali hal kecil yang dapat kita lakukan untuk membawa perubahan besar untuk kota Jakarta ini dari kotor menjadi Jakarta yang diidamkan semua orang, bersih. Ini dia beberapa contohnya :

1. Mulai kesadaran dari dalam diri sendiri untuk membuang sampah pada tempatnya.
Jangan jadikan ketiadaan atau kurangnya tempat sampah di sudut-sudut kota Jakarta menjadi sebuah alasan untuk dapat membuang sampah sembarangan. Jadilah warga yang pintar dan bijak, selalu bawa kantong plastik kemanapun anda pergi untuk membuang sampah yang kalian hasilkan sampai anda menemukan tempat sampah yang sebenarnya. Itupun ada satu hal yang perlu diperhatikan, kantong plastik tersebut tidak boleh ikut dibuang, buang saja sampahnya kemudian kantong plastik tersebut dibawa kembali kerumah, dicuci dan dibawa kembali untuk keesokan harinya jika beraktifitas diluar rumah lagi.

2. Belajar untuk bisa memisahkan antara sampah organik dan non-organik.
Ya, untuk dapat membuang sampah pada tempatnya saja memang sudah bagus, tapi itu tidak cukup baik untuk merubah kota Jakarta ini. Mulailah belajar untuk membuang sampah-sampah yang ada berdasarkan kemampuannya untuk dapat didaur ulang. Pisahkan antara sampah organik dan non-organik.

3. Hemat.
Jadilah orang yang hemat dan bijaksana. Bijaksanalah dalam menggunakan produk berbahan kertas (contoh: bila meggunakan kertas photocopy dikantor, jika memang masih bisa untuk photocopy bolak-balik di kertasnya maka gunakanlah). Hematlah dalam penggunaan tissue toilet, Bila membeli sesuatu berbahan plastik, lihat dan gunakanlah bahan yang memang diciptakan untuk bisa dipakai berulang-ulang.

4. Beritahukan teman.
Jika saat diri sendiri sudah dapat disadarkan dari ketidaktahuan tentang sampah menjadi tahu, mulailah menginfokan hal tersebut kepada teman maupun sanak keluarga. Bagikan ilmu mu kepada orang lain tentang bagaimana cara membersihkan kota Jakarta ini. Semakin banyak orang yang tahu dan mengerti, semakin besar pula manfaat nyata yang akan segera dinikmati dari kota ini.

5 - 100. Dan lain-lain, dan lain-lain. Masih banyak contoh lain yang perlu diperhatikan, diingat, resapi dan dilakukan demi mendapatkan Jakarta yang bersih, indah dan nyaman. Be Creative, Be Smart n Be a Garbage Warrior.

Ingat kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi yang akan membersihkan kota ini ? Jangan menunggu orang lain bertindak, lakukanlah dari diri sendiri. Ini saatnya kita bersatu untuk membersihkan kota megapolitan ini agar menjadi lebih nyaman untuk kita tempati. Untuk info lebih lengkap mengenai artikel-artikel, dan hal lainnya mengenai Jakarta yang bercita-cita menjadi bersih, indah dan nyaman, anda semua bisa membuka jakartabersih atau mem-follow akun twitter @JakartaBersih.

p.s : Jangan pernah malu atau merasa tersindir disaat banyak orang mencemooh dan menyindir kalau kita menjadi sok bersih dan sok baik hanya karena kita berusaha membuat Jakarta menjadi lebih baik dan bersih. Toh kita melakukan ini semua demi diri kita sendiri dan sesama.

Rabu, April 14, 2010

Best Things About NYC


This post is from my blogswap partner on 20SB, Alyson - check her great blog here to find out more about her. Actually the topic suggested by 20SB was 'Best things Being a Blogger', but me and Alyson had a deal to discuss something more fun yet great than that - topic we dealed is best things about our city. I post best things about Jakarta on her blog, and she gave me clues about best things from NYC. So here it is her post and I hope you guys enjoy it:


Hello my name is Aly and I am a fashion designer living in New York City. I like to blog about the many exciting things going on in my city from activities and eating, to fashion and all things bridal. There are many great things about New York City, but my favorite are the many cheap and free things to do and the fact that it is can feel like a quaint town.

Despite the fact that this is one of the most expensive cities in the world, there are plenty of cheap and free things to do. Everything from kayaking on the Hudson River to access to a free island called Governors Island. In one day you can learn fencing in a park and take a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, all for free.

And while there might be 8 million people that live here, on any given day, I am likely to run into someone I know all over the city. So it makes this large city feel like a small town.

I hope this helps give you a little insight into my home and favorite city!

Minggu, April 04, 2010

First Day as Volunteer


+ Lucky Moment

10.30am, Sunday, April 4th 2010 - was my first day as Volunteer in Animal Shelter (dogs and cats), Pejaten Shelter. Its located at South Jakarta, Pejaten Barat No.45W. The owner of the shelter is Doctor Susan. I really amazed when I step my feet in to this shelter, I saw so many dogs and cats that treated by dr. Susan there. From the very good health dogs and cats to the the most poor condition of them. One word that I kept saying to what dr. Susan have done is 'WOW'. I can't imagine it, its non profit shelter and she just doing all those with graceful and full of love.

I learned so much about dogs and cats 'problem' from her. She said, its really important to keep fight in order Indonesian goverment make a law about animal/pets. Its really sucked to know that overpopulation about dogs and cats are keep continuing till now, but Goverment do nothing for this. They not trying to control the population. She said 'you know ? in america when people want to keep a dog or cat, they have to pay a tax for it, and the most need to underline that they have a law about it. When goverment find somethings wrong with the pet, they will interrogate the Master.' and dr. Susan continued by saying '..its like big stress to think about the fact out country have no law for pets, even a small country like Singapore, they have it'.

Not only discuss about dogs and cats, but I also cleaned the cage, gave them a drink, etc. All things I have done that day was really-really meanful to me. It made me more understand about dogs and cats, how to treat them right and really help me before I'll get my own dog next month (from my bestfriend, Destya) - I hope with what I learned from the Shelter I'll treat my dog with proper treatment.

Okay, thats it my story for now. I'll tell you more on my next visit to th shelter. Oh yea, almost forget, I bring gifts from my first trip as volunteer. I took some pictures of the cats and dogs, here they are :




One more lucky moment (luckiest maybe..) thing..when I were on my way home (by bus - transjakarta bus) I saw a very-very beautiful sky with its sunset. The sky color was a deep yellow - orange with a little black. It was really-really the best sunset I've ever seen in Jakarta, remember Jakarta, a big poluted city in Indonesia. So I made decicion to stop even I'm still a long way from my home. Thanks God, I made the right decicion. Its like a very rare for us jakarta folks to get a good sunset view, but this afternoon I got this beautiful sunset, made me as if I were the luckiest people to have opportunity to captured the view.


Kamis, April 01, 2010

Precious Moment With My Grandma


Yesterday night, probably the greatest moment I ever had along with my grandma (the 97 years oldwoman). We talked, sang some songs yet laughed together - actually we shared the moment with my mom and my brother too. The best part of our best moment last night actually when we laugh so loud untill hurt our own stomach, but it looks like because of my stupidity so I forgot to record her laughed lastnight - I only recorded when my grandma sang a song in batak language (its one of hundreds traditional languages from Indonesia, from North Sumatera province).

There was a conversation made us laugh so loud was when she told me - the original words are in batak language -

'you know (the most funny moment), when I was young around high school years I used to be a bitchy crazy yet tomboy girl. Most of guys were afraid to me at that time, and I'm a kind like a material girl too...', said my grandma. I cut her words then ask 'so, what about now ? (are you still a crazy oldwoman or not)*.
She replied with a big laugh (the biggest laugh in her life - its according
to her) 'Wait,,its like you mocking me by going to say I'm a crazy bitchy oldwoman now?'. Right after she said that, me, my mom and my brother get along with her and made a big-big-big laugh. (it was 11.30pm at that time).

She said, what wonderful life. Its been long time since my last laugh. She said thank to me to make her laugh and happy. I do really amaze with what God can do to humanbeing, He can give a longlife age to my grandma so I can enjoy my time with her, really thanks to God for this gift.

I'd love to upload the song that my grandma sang, but I really have no idea how to put it on my blog. If anyone know how, please help me. I can't upload the soundclip doesn't mean I'm not uploading something, here I uploaded picture of me and my grandma :

*I said the parentheses words just in my mind - I didnt continue straight to my grandma. But its like she knew what I mean though.

Jumat, Maret 26, 2010

Earth Hour, an hour to save energy


March 27, 2010. From 8.30pm until 9.30pm. Just an hour, the campaign called Earth Hour will only take you time. This campaign is entering its third year now. First idea came from Australia and quickly spread around the world. What we can do to support this social campaign ? where we can do this campaign ? etc, think you need all information related to this Earth Hour, just click on to Earth Hour , choose where is your location, and the site will show you all about how and what.

Anyway, please don't see this campaign cynically. Don't tell that how can an hour save whole world energy, don't ever think this campaign is useless, or another sarcastic opinion. I know, well I can tell you that we all know it will take more than an hour to save world's energy and to reduce global warming. But hey, this is campaign, its a symbolization of saving world's energy. You can do more than an hour, we'all can do it everyday in fact you can back into primitive age when use no electric stuff at all. Answering to those sarcastic opinion telling this is useless campaign, I'm gonna ask them, are they update to news around the world, are they know how to googling or something, if the answer yes, then they must read about what success did Earth Hour has brought from previous year. Its a big result indeed. So, please dont underestimate an hour campaign.

p.s :: you can put an earth hour badge to your blog as your support or put hastag #earthhour on your tweet

Minggu, Maret 21, 2010

Another shit shot from my Lumix


Well, lately I'm about more and more in love with photography stuffs. With my curiosity yet my wanna-be photographer style, I always carry my digital camera in my hand - almost every step I take, I always bring it (too much ha ? LOL, yap, I think its too much). You all must say I'm an autistic person, who always hand the digital camera in my hand and keep taking pictures - but again, who cares 'cause I like it (at least for now).

Here are my shots. The first is pancake which made by my self, well probably it was the best pancake I ever made *. Second picture is Skybuilding in Central Jakarta called 'Wisma BNI 46' *, the building shaped just like a blue pen.


wisma BNI 46, Sudirman

So what you guys think ? Need a-or-two comment and advice, please.

* best pancake I ever made after four times tried
* Wisma BNI 46 is 250meters tall. Now it's known as the highest building in Indonesia

Senin, Maret 15, 2010

And always do what's right because it's right


is a quote from movie Letters from Iwo Jima.

I just watched this movie yesterday (you can call me outdated, but hell yeah I dont care) on national channel here. I have to say the movie was well directed by Clint Eastwood yet with great acted by Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, and I can say this movie was GREAT movie. But I wont talk about the synopsis, how many awards earned, what movie-critics said. Here I want show how the words spelled by Baron Nishi (when he read the letter from the mother of Sam '..and always do what's right because it's right' amazed me from the time I heard it 'till now I post this. But then, I kept thinking and questioning myself, what's the right thing to do in life ? if do thing what most-people think right is the essential of 'right' word ? or it just go thru what you think right is the right thing ? If I may add couple words between, I'll change the quote become '..and always do what's right for you because it's right (at least to your self)'. 'Coz for me, theres none know what's right for us better than ourself.

Rabu, Maret 03, 2010

Oops, I did it again


Actually, we (BOLANG) did it again.

LOL, i put Britney's song title as my title.
Its been more than 30days I dont blogging. Some of my friend ask I had stopped with blog stuffs or something. With my current posting let me clarify that I'm still on with my blog, and will always blogging. It just about the right moment for me to put some posting, I don't feel right if I do blogging anually when I have no feel for it, just to avoid boredom in blogging (well, in fact actually i found my self almost in my boredom situation about blogging stuffs).

OKay then, for this posting. I would like to write-down my full report (in pictures) about my backpacking-journey to Belitung - Indonesia with my friends Bolang (which are Eaz, Putri 'n Icing). First of all, maybe you've read my previous post titled It Doesnt Matter...
about me and my friends planned to backpacking to Belitung and you know what ? It feels like a dream come true. I did it, no, I mean, we (bolang) did it. We were there for about 5 days. So much joy and happiness happened there and I think there are no words can describe how beautiful belitung are, with those clear deep sea, white softed sands, yet odd-shaped stones at each beach.

So, here they are : the pictures, about me and friends journey to Belitung.

::my self @tanjung kelayan beach::

::funny pose @lengkuas island::
::bolang @shooting location of Laskar Pelangi the Movie (in case you have no idea about the movie, its one of blockbuster in indonesia)::
::buddhayana temple, also known as kwan im goddess temple::

::putri, me, icing and eaz @tanjung tinggi beach::

::tanjung pandan harbour::

::pantai tanjung tinggi::
::eaz, putri and me, fly to the sky @pantai burung mandi (bird bath beach,,y'all must laugh right now)
::eaz and me, writing Bolang's word on white-softed sands::

::view from the top of lighthouse in lengkuas island::
*for information, the lighthouse ages more than 100 years old
::still view from lighthouse::
::bolang with local resident whose houses we are living at::

For more pictures, just click on to my photobucket , and for you who planning to come and visit this island (please, dont tell me that you're not get tempted by seeing those pictures above) and think need some or more information how to get there, culinary, accomodation, and other stuffs, please feel free to contact me. I'm definitely will help you guys. Its like an honour for me, to help and promote my country tourism.

Sabtu, Januari 30, 2010

Taking Pictures and Editing


First try with my new Lumix.
I took the pictures yesterday and edited just last night. Here they are :

my sister with nephew, i took it when visited my hospitalised-sister. but thank God she's doing fine now

its a view from 7th floor, (still from hospital)

my self-taking picture [at] my room

Selasa, Januari 26, 2010

City Tour Museum


This morning, I had a great city tour with my brother and my cousin to museum. Yup, its museum. Its been a long-long time for me to visit museum, wait, its about 2 years ago I think. You must say, what a freak tour I had, okay thats fine even you called me as 'an-oldschool-man' - so what. But for sure, it was a great tour, I learned yet had somefun in the same time. We visited 4 museums this day (location around old citiy are, west jakarta).
first was : Museum of Bank Mandiri (picture no. 1 and 2), then Museum of Bank Indonesia (picture no. 3, 4 and 5), and last was Museum of Wayang (picture no.6 and 7) :

The building in 1930's, it used to called as Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM), before changed to be 'Museum Bank Mandiri' in 1999

Beautiful Stained Glass, located on the front, in the middle of the stairs to the 2nd floor

Faces of explorers from hundred years ago who made their came to Indonesia, such as Marco Polo from Italia, Juan Sebastian Del Cano from Spain, a powerful eunuch admiral Cheng Ho, etc

An old gold coin called 'Ma Coin' contained 24gr gold, used in East Java about 14 - 16th Century

Me, my cousin and my brother in the hall mirror

my reflection behind the mask

An unique chess-shaped characters from wayang

Well, thats all my newest story. How about you guys ? did you had some fun time this week?

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