Kamis, April 01, 2010

Precious Moment With My Grandma

Yesterday night, probably the greatest moment I ever had along with my grandma (the 97 years oldwoman). We talked, sang some songs yet laughed together - actually we shared the moment with my mom and my brother too. The best part of our best moment last night actually when we laugh so loud untill hurt our own stomach, but it looks like because of my stupidity so I forgot to record her laughed lastnight - I only recorded when my grandma sang a song in batak language (its one of hundreds traditional languages from Indonesia, from North Sumatera province).

There was a conversation made us laugh so loud was when she told me - the original words are in batak language -

'you know (the most funny moment), when I was young around high school years I used to be a bitchy crazy yet tomboy girl. Most of guys were afraid to me at that time, and I'm a kind like a material girl too...', said my grandma. I cut her words then ask 'so, what about now ? (are you still a crazy oldwoman or not)*.
She replied with a big laugh (the biggest laugh in her life - its according
to her) 'Wait,,its like you mocking me by going to say I'm a crazy bitchy oldwoman now?'. Right after she said that, me, my mom and my brother get along with her and made a big-big-big laugh. (it was 11.30pm at that time).

She said, what wonderful life. Its been long time since my last laugh. She said thank to me to make her laugh and happy. I do really amaze with what God can do to humanbeing, He can give a longlife age to my grandma so I can enjoy my time with her, really thanks to God for this gift.

I'd love to upload the song that my grandma sang, but I really have no idea how to put it on my blog. If anyone know how, please help me. I can't upload the soundclip doesn't mean I'm not uploading something, here I uploaded picture of me and my grandma :

*I said the parentheses words just in my mind - I didnt continue straight to my grandma. But its like she knew what I mean though.


Sami mengatakan...

I LOVE this post and I LOVE this photo!!!!! :) It's such a great thing to be able to spend time with our grandparents, and laugh and learn from them, and listen to all their stories.

sewa mobil mengatakan...

nice article...thanks

Sundea mengatakan...

Hi Ompung,

still fresh as an orange with that dress, no matter how far you walk your life ^_^

Salam kenal, Nando, blognya asik ...

nando.gino mengatakan...

@Sami . Yes thats right, all we can do for grandparents is just make them laugh

@SewaMobil .Thanks

@Sundea .LOL, yeap still fresh, just like a young girl. Anyway, nice to know you too, and you blog off course

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