Jumat, Agustus 06, 2010

Can I or Can't I ?


Let make it quick. On this Monday, August 23, 2010 I have a flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I've booked the ticket last year along with my brother and my friend (and I got the promo fare, a very cheap one). So, it suppose to be three of us will be flying to Vietnam to enjoy our holiday but plan still a plan, it could happen and it couldn't happen too. The fact my brother just got his new job couple months ago, made him 99% for sure couldn't go with me to enjoy our holiday due his not able to get off from his work and my friend, hem, I do not know yet wheter he's in to this holiday or not, 'cause untill now He have not made his passport (fyi, we need two weeks long to make a passport). So, with those explanation, I have my own conclusion (at least for now), I think I'm going to do this all alone by myself.

The fact that I'm going to meet new people from other country with their culture, their language that I have no idea are freaking out my mind yet make me excited, off course the excited feel is more bigger. But, the truth, Yes I am ready to do this travel. So, guys, just wait for my travel report on the end of this month. I am so excited.

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