Sabtu, Januari 30, 2010

Taking Pictures and Editing


First try with my new Lumix.
I took the pictures yesterday and edited just last night. Here they are :

my sister with nephew, i took it when visited my hospitalised-sister. but thank God she's doing fine now

its a view from 7th floor, (still from hospital)

my self-taking picture [at] my room

Selasa, Januari 26, 2010

City Tour Museum


This morning, I had a great city tour with my brother and my cousin to museum. Yup, its museum. Its been a long-long time for me to visit museum, wait, its about 2 years ago I think. You must say, what a freak tour I had, okay thats fine even you called me as 'an-oldschool-man' - so what. But for sure, it was a great tour, I learned yet had somefun in the same time. We visited 4 museums this day (location around old citiy are, west jakarta).
first was : Museum of Bank Mandiri (picture no. 1 and 2), then Museum of Bank Indonesia (picture no. 3, 4 and 5), and last was Museum of Wayang (picture no.6 and 7) :

The building in 1930's, it used to called as Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM), before changed to be 'Museum Bank Mandiri' in 1999

Beautiful Stained Glass, located on the front, in the middle of the stairs to the 2nd floor

Faces of explorers from hundred years ago who made their came to Indonesia, such as Marco Polo from Italia, Juan Sebastian Del Cano from Spain, a powerful eunuch admiral Cheng Ho, etc

An old gold coin called 'Ma Coin' contained 24gr gold, used in East Java about 14 - 16th Century

Me, my cousin and my brother in the hall mirror

my reflection behind the mask

An unique chess-shaped characters from wayang

Well, thats all my newest story. How about you guys ? did you had some fun time this week?

Minggu, Januari 24, 2010

Finally, My Own Camera


Thanks God, finally I got my own digital camera. Yesterday, my sister bought it for me. Its a panasonic Lumix dmc-fs42.

Sabtu, Januari 23, 2010

Quote of the week #7


When you want something in life, you just gotta reach out and grab it - Christhoper Johnson McCandless (from a movie 'InTo The Wild)

Sabtu, Januari 16, 2010

Indonesian in Hollywood


Shocked. Thats first impression when I saw her in the movie 'Bob Funk'. She has less than a minute role in there and the best part is she speaks some Bahasa (Indonesian language) there. Its an honor for me (specially for entire Indonesia, maybe) having such a wonderful 'little' (little mean she has tiny body) girl in a BIG hollywood. Yes it is. I admit that she still can't be compare to another Asian actresses/actors who had big name in hollywood like Zhang Ziyi, Rain, or even Jackie Chan, but I'm preety sure she'll get this big on her name in hollywood. Her name is Tania Gunadi. You can googling it, and you'll find more about her and her acting-resumes.

In case you kindalike lazy to type her name on google. Here are I give you the link, so you can just click.

One thing I wonder about this girl is, why here in Indonesia, she's such less of camera'hit or news about her or something like publicity. Don't we as Indonesian should supporting her career or what. It made me no wonder why there such no Indonesian getting big in international career. But hey, here I am, supporting her (on my way, blogging about her I guess). Bravo for her.

Jumat, Januari 15, 2010

Award Lagi, Pertama di 2010


Baru aja ng-cek akun facebook, ada tautan kiriman dari Metha Kusmawardani , dia bilang 'coba cek blog gue. tolong diambil award kalian, terus dijalanin yah :) ' begitu kira-kira tulisannya. Nah, langsung aja deh gue posting nih award di blog tercinta ini.

Ini dia awardnya :
Gue akan melanjutkan estafet-award ini ke :
1. Mas Erwin : edwin's personal blog :
2. Mba Narti : welcome to my kitchen :

Buat yang mendapat kehormatan menerima eftafet-award (santa'buzz) ini harus menaruh link dibawah ini :
1. DYVNA ANgel
2. IcalCell
3. Firmanthok
4. Aldien
5. Coretanku
6. Wina
7. Ordinary Blog
8. Catatan Syifa
9. Metha
10. SayaBerjalan

Oh ya sebelumnya ada beberapa aturan untuk bisa menerima award ini , ini dia (gue copy dari blog sahabat saya Metha) :

Sebelum kamu meletakkan link di atas, kamu harus menghapus peserta nomor 1 dari daftar. Sehingga semua peserta naik 1 level. Yang tadi nomor 2 jadi nomor 1, nomor 3 jadi 2, dst. Kemudian masukkan link kamu sendiri di bagian paling bawah (nomor 10). Tapi ingat ya, kalian semua harus fair dalam menjalankannya. Jika tiap penerima award mampu memberikan award ini kepada 5 orang saja dan mereka semua mengerjakannya , maka jumlah backlink yang akan didapat adalah 1.953.125.

Inget, harus jujur ya, akhir kata 'Selamat buat yang dapet award'.

Minggu, Januari 10, 2010

It Doesnt Matter ...


whether they gonna underestimate my plan or not !!

Well, actually I've been in this situation before, where people underestimated about my travel-destination-plan. You know, the story about me and my friends went to Bali, such a lot people around us rolling their eyes when we talked that we're going to Bali to have some fun as a backpacker. Well, not only rolling their eyes, but they even laugh their fcukin mouth on us. Its like as I remembered, there are one-or-two told 'Hey dude, watched out, dont let yourselves became a totally begger in Bali by bringin less money for your trip'. Then, me and my friends are just got laught hearing that advice. Yea,yea, let they say what they want to say. Let just stick into our plan, then proove them with a pictures. Finally we made it. Seems people who underestimated us like 'Wow, you guys made into Bali ? I can't believe it'.

And now, its like dejavu for us. Again, we (actually now, its only me and mybestfriend Eaz who got those what we called 'backpacker-spirit) had planned this trip like morethan 8 months, exactly right after we home from Bali. Trying to ask more people to come with us, we told our friends about this since the year still named as 2009, on June. But people kept underestimated and said 'yea, keep planning these-those things, its look like going to be happen, dont get too excited first', 'are you guys serious only bring on a million IDR (its around 103 bucks) to go to Belitung,?', and another disparage words on us. But hey, we made to Bali, why Belitung sounds like impossible. I can doit, we can doit again. Just about the time when we definitely will shut their fcuk up.

Its because theres a sentence I knew and I love very much (its taken from Indonesian singer here called Saykoji) which tell 'Whatever they say, My determination will not disappear' .

Anyway, in case you asking what kind of Island I'm going to go on february, I'll show you some pictures from google, here they are :

its on the right, island that I'm going to visit.
(click the image to enlarge)

Rabu, Januari 06, 2010

15 Days Recap : back from long holiday :


Hello all, its me, back from my long absent blogging. Its been 15 days for me not blogging, feels like a year for me. Hate the situation, no internet connection (due to have no money to refill the pulse. LOL) seems like part of my life were gone to heaven, I cant browsing, I cant full into Best of 2009 Blog Challenge and somanyother bad things. But, hey, its me, already back to my world, to my blog, there's no need sad face again (anyway, its my 100th posts), lets make it into a big-big-big smile and laugh.

Here, I want to write a full (or half) recap about my long-lost-blogging. Can I start now ?

First, my Christmas eve. I spent my Cristmas eve with my brother - Elyas, my sister - Maria and my brother in law - Capluk. We went to Pasific Place, Sudirman, Jakarta for evening prayer of Tiberias Church. That was my first cried-moment in a Christmas eve. Yea, its up to you to call me cry baby, but I'll not be ashamed to admit it 'i was cried'. When choir sang 'Silent Night', suddenly memories about my father came into my mind. Lot things came to me, such like, why he died, when will I fulfill my promise to him, did he love me or not, etc. But, yet, it was a great Christmas eve I had, dont u think the same ? spent Christmas eve with family, wasn't it a great thing ?

Second, karaoke time with my friends, BOLANG. It was on Christmas, December 25. I spent my time with my friends Nuky, Eaz, Putri and Icing (bolang) to VOIZE karaoke at Kelapa gading, North Jakarta. That was our first time to sing in a real karaoke club, we used to karaoke on karaoke box (you know, karaoke box is a real box. With a 1 x 1,5 m space, with no air conditioner and we usually fit the box with 5 or 6 peoples. Can you imagine that ? hot, narrow space, uncomfort sheet). But we go into the next level of karaoke, went to the real karaoke club with air conditioned room, comfortable sheet, and cokes of course.

Third, had a evening prayer on New Year's eve with my family at home. Even I came home late that day, I supposed at home on 12am o clock, fact that the clock's nail showed at 12.10am. Despite my stupid late came to home, overall I had a great New Year's eve moment. We sang together, pray together, shake our hand each other, and did one-two 'mandok hata' each other, you know, the time when each member of family talking about what their wishes for the new year and what they've thank for 2009, we called it as 'mandok hata' or maybe in English it could translate as 'speech', isn't it ?

Fourth, Trip to Pramuka Island, Simpak Daun Island, etc on Thousand Islands area, Jakarta. Yup, another traveling. Me, my bolang's friends Eaz, Putri, Icing, and 8 friends of icing. So, total, 12 young persons did a trip to pramuka island. We went on January 1st, about 6.30am. No words could describe how fun we had on the island, so here I show you the pictures.

Fifth, treated by my sister, Maria. Two days a go, me, elyas and my friend - deddy were treated by my sister, Maria. Due her birthday on January 5th but she treated us a day earlier. First, eat at Cikini's restaurant, I forgot the restaurant's name, hell yeah, when it come to eat situation, I dont care about the name again, I care about my stomach and the foods. Then after bursting our stomach, we go to the theater to see 'Sherlock Holmes'. And about the movie ? wow, I must say that this is my first movie for this year, and it gave me such a big satisfaction. Yes, it is. Its a great movie, with a great actors, with a smart dialogues (you'll amazed with those brilliant dialogues), great story, well in fact I still found some minus point in this movie, but I don't know what it was.

Last but not least, I know its too late for me to say this, but still I want to say 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year'. Well, thats it, my recap. Lot of laughs, you might think what a stupid recap, it should be a long recap, but what ? thats it ? sorry disappointed you guys, but its all. Enjoy reading my recap ^^

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