Selasa, Januari 26, 2010

City Tour Museum

This morning, I had a great city tour with my brother and my cousin to museum. Yup, its museum. Its been a long-long time for me to visit museum, wait, its about 2 years ago I think. You must say, what a freak tour I had, okay thats fine even you called me as 'an-oldschool-man' - so what. But for sure, it was a great tour, I learned yet had somefun in the same time. We visited 4 museums this day (location around old citiy are, west jakarta).
first was : Museum of Bank Mandiri (picture no. 1 and 2), then Museum of Bank Indonesia (picture no. 3, 4 and 5), and last was Museum of Wayang (picture no.6 and 7) :

The building in 1930's, it used to called as Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM), before changed to be 'Museum Bank Mandiri' in 1999

Beautiful Stained Glass, located on the front, in the middle of the stairs to the 2nd floor

Faces of explorers from hundred years ago who made their came to Indonesia, such as Marco Polo from Italia, Juan Sebastian Del Cano from Spain, a powerful eunuch admiral Cheng Ho, etc

An old gold coin called 'Ma Coin' contained 24gr gold, used in East Java about 14 - 16th Century

Me, my cousin and my brother in the hall mirror

my reflection behind the mask

An unique chess-shaped characters from wayang

Well, thats all my newest story. How about you guys ? did you had some fun time this week?


sda mengatakan...

namanya asing, padahal di jakarta ya? duh....

narti mengatakan...

makasih oleh-olehnya...ditunggu hasil petualangan yg lain...mumpung kamera baru...hehe...

Salon Oyah mengatakan...

Mampirr, slm knal yaaa... please follow me, I'll follow u + aq taro link u di Friends' Links q ... tq

mas awe mengatakan...

wuiih museuum BI keren bgt, tp museum Fatahillahnya sprt gak keurus..

nando.gino mengatakan...

@Mba Narti .. Ya, akan terus update perjalanan saya. Ditunggu ya ^^

@Salon Oyah,,boleh,,

@Mas Awe ,,iya museum BI keren,,digital banget. Kalau museum fatahillah gimana ya, tidak terurus. Banyak debu dimana-mana, barang-barangnya seperti tak dirawat,dll

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