Minggu, Oktober 16, 2011

Sharing Is Caring with FOOD.


I am proud to be taking part in Blog Action Day OCT 16 2011 www.blogactionday.orgFOOD is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body, according to wikipedia.org. We all know that we can't live without food. It is really mandatory needed for us, humanbeing, to survive. Can you imagine how your life would be if you are live in hunger ? You may be happy now to have what-so-called well-fed parents or family. You might no need to think what you have to eat, how can you provide food for yourself, how can you cook the food, etc because of your rich parents. 

Try to think back, have you ever throw your unfinished food ? when you have food served in front of you, and you just eat half from it and you just throw it away another half of it, while many people go to bed hungry because they have no food at all. 

From now on, please, think before you eat. If you think you are not that so hungry, don't take too much food on your plate, so there will be no food left over and wasted or if you with your friend, it would be better if you ordered one portion food for the two of you. Don't forget starts to concern for those people who still living in hungry. There are many ways you can do, by donating, join as a volunteer for WFP or ONE organization, or you can just starts spreading the campaign, to STOP the POVERTY and HUNGER. Together we can, because Sharing is Caring.

Jumat, Oktober 07, 2011

Jakarta, more than just a traffic-metropolitan-jam city


Jakarta, as the capital city of Indonesia make this city as the largest. More than 9 million people live in Jakarta, with more than hundred new cars appear in Jakarta’s street each day, making it as one of the worst traffic jams city in the world. What would happen with this fact ? STRESS. Your mind soon or later become stress, and no other way to get relax but briefly escaped from the traffic jam and go for a short holiday trip.
Such as the philosophy of China, we all need yin and yang in our lives, and thank God for that, Jakarta has it’s own yin and yang for us to enjoy or to take. We may hate Jakarta for it’s crowded and traffic jam, but we can also praise this city for it’s nature beauty. There were thousand islands, located on north Jakarta, with it’s beautiful beaches. Two hours (approximately, depend on which island you want to visit) from Marina Ancol harbor or Muara Angke, will definitely make you forget the fatigue, the stress of Jakarta for a moment.

Where do you plan to throw away your stress and fatigue? There are Tidung island, Pramuka island, Untung Jawa island, Semak Daun island, Ayer island, etc. Let say going to Tidung island, many tour packages that offering to go to this island. You only need to spend about 300K – 500K IDR to have your two days-one night holiday, the more people the more cheaper you’ll get. With those amount money, includes return boat’s ticket from muara angke (or marina) to tidung, welcome drink, bicycle, accommodation, meals (once barbecue), snorkeling and boat for hopping-islands. Such a great deal right ? you can find about this package tour all over the internet. Google it !!

Feels not right traveling with tour package? Want to have more adventurous trip and more cheaper? why don’t you try to go backpack, build a tent and bring your own mini-stove? Give it a try. Go to Semak Daun island, an inhabited island, not really inhabited, there is one small family live there and maintain the island. It’s not a big island, you could do walking surround the island within only 10 to 15 minutes. The beach here is really beautiful, with it’s smooth white sand. How much money do we need to go to this island? Less than 300K IDR.

You don’t believe it? Let’s we counting now. Return ticket boat from Muara Angke is 70K IDR, which will bring you to either Pramuka island or Tidung island. From those island you can take ‘ojek’ a small boat to go to Semak Daun island which will cost you about 10K IDR – 20K IDR (depend on your bargain skill), but be sure to rent a snorkeling equipments there if you want do snorkeling, the rent fee about 25K – 35K IDR (there were no snorkeling equipment to be rent in Semak Daun Island). In Semak Daun, you can build a tent there and pay to the guard of the island (it’s up to you how much you want to give to the guard, but please do give a reasonable price, like twenty to fifty thousand would be fine). Doing hopping-island, will cost highly if you do it just by your own. The boat cost is 300K – 350K IDR for each boat, so you better share the boat with other people who do the same thing with you in Semak Daun island (you know, there is always another group or people who also spend the night and build a tent there). If you can get another 5 person with you, it will cost you around 60K IDR, lot cheaper. How about meals? Make sure you have your own mini-stove and food from home to be cooked , so you don’t need to buy anything in the island.

Let's assume that you'll in group of five persons. The cost will be 70K IDR + 20K IDR + 10K IDR + 35K IDR + 60K IDR =  195K IDR per person. See ??  you still can have a great time in this traffic-metropolitan-jam city even with low budget. Don’t you should feel like grateful instead complaining for being a resident of Jakarta?

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