Minggu, Oktober 16, 2011

Sharing Is Caring with FOOD.

I am proud to be taking part in Blog Action Day OCT 16 2011 www.blogactionday.orgFOOD is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body, according to wikipedia.org. We all know that we can't live without food. It is really mandatory needed for us, humanbeing, to survive. Can you imagine how your life would be if you are live in hunger ? You may be happy now to have what-so-called well-fed parents or family. You might no need to think what you have to eat, how can you provide food for yourself, how can you cook the food, etc because of your rich parents. 

Try to think back, have you ever throw your unfinished food ? when you have food served in front of you, and you just eat half from it and you just throw it away another half of it, while many people go to bed hungry because they have no food at all. 

From now on, please, think before you eat. If you think you are not that so hungry, don't take too much food on your plate, so there will be no food left over and wasted or if you with your friend, it would be better if you ordered one portion food for the two of you. Don't forget starts to concern for those people who still living in hungry. There are many ways you can do, by donating, join as a volunteer for WFP or ONE organization, or you can just starts spreading the campaign, to STOP the POVERTY and HUNGER. Together we can, because Sharing is Caring.


Outbound mengatakan...

Nice article :-)

Pakaian mengatakan...

When are you going to post again? You really inform a lot of people!

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