Jumat, Maret 26, 2010

Earth Hour, an hour to save energy

March 27, 2010. From 8.30pm until 9.30pm. Just an hour, the campaign called Earth Hour will only take you time. This campaign is entering its third year now. First idea came from Australia and quickly spread around the world. What we can do to support this social campaign ? where we can do this campaign ? etc, think you need all information related to this Earth Hour, just click on to Earth Hour , choose where is your location, and the site will show you all about how and what.

Anyway, please don't see this campaign cynically. Don't tell that how can an hour save whole world energy, don't ever think this campaign is useless, or another sarcastic opinion. I know, well I can tell you that we all know it will take more than an hour to save world's energy and to reduce global warming. But hey, this is campaign, its a symbolization of saving world's energy. You can do more than an hour, we'all can do it everyday in fact you can back into primitive age when use no electric stuff at all. Answering to those sarcastic opinion telling this is useless campaign, I'm gonna ask them, are they update to news around the world, are they know how to googling or something, if the answer yes, then they must read about what success did Earth Hour has brought from previous year. Its a big result indeed. So, please dont underestimate an hour campaign.

p.s :: you can put an earth hour badge to your blog as your support or put hastag #earthhour on your tweet


narti mengatakan...

disini dilaksanakan gak ya?
makasih infonya.
mari sayangi bumi kita!

sda mengatakan...

yups mulai dari diri sendiri.

Joemill mengatakan...

We participated! Our City saved some 25MW that night!

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