Rabu, Maret 03, 2010

Oops, I did it again

Actually, we (BOLANG) did it again.

LOL, i put Britney's song title as my title.
Its been more than 30days I dont blogging. Some of my friend ask I had stopped with blog stuffs or something. With my current posting let me clarify that I'm still on with my blog, and will always blogging. It just about the right moment for me to put some posting, I don't feel right if I do blogging anually when I have no feel for it, just to avoid boredom in blogging (well, in fact actually i found my self almost in my boredom situation about blogging stuffs).

OKay then, for this posting. I would like to write-down my full report (in pictures) about my backpacking-journey to Belitung - Indonesia with my friends Bolang (which are Eaz, Putri 'n Icing). First of all, maybe you've read my previous post titled It Doesnt Matter...
about me and my friends planned to backpacking to Belitung and you know what ? It feels like a dream come true. I did it, no, I mean, we (bolang) did it. We were there for about 5 days. So much joy and happiness happened there and I think there are no words can describe how beautiful belitung are, with those clear deep sea, white softed sands, yet odd-shaped stones at each beach.

So, here they are : the pictures, about me and friends journey to Belitung.

::my self @tanjung kelayan beach::

::funny pose @lengkuas island::
::bolang @shooting location of Laskar Pelangi the Movie (in case you have no idea about the movie, its one of blockbuster in indonesia)::
::buddhayana temple, also known as kwan im goddess temple::

::putri, me, icing and eaz @tanjung tinggi beach::

::tanjung pandan harbour::

::pantai tanjung tinggi::
::eaz, putri and me, fly to the sky @pantai burung mandi (bird bath beach,,y'all must laugh right now)
::eaz and me, writing Bolang's word on white-softed sands::

::view from the top of lighthouse in lengkuas island::
*for information, the lighthouse ages more than 100 years old
::still view from lighthouse::
::bolang with local resident whose houses we are living at::

For more pictures, just click on to my photobucket , and for you who planning to come and visit this island (please, dont tell me that you're not get tempted by seeing those pictures above) and think need some or more information how to get there, culinary, accomodation, and other stuffs, please feel free to contact me. I'm definitely will help you guys. Its like an honour for me, to help and promote my country tourism.


Edwin's Personal Blog mengatakan...

Halo Mas Nando how're you doin' Bro? So this is what you've done while you were away. Having adventures along with pals is a really great way to get this life much fruitful...

Belajar Ekspor Impor mengatakan...

Mas Nando, it's Edwin too. This is my blog as well. C'mon take a lil look and visit okay ^_^

craviazux mengatakan...

wow..nice shoots!

Eaz Eryanda mengatakan...

thanks mas nando ada poto ane

narti mengatakan...

very beautiful place....
tempat yg indah, kamera bagus, ngambil pic-nya pinter...kombinasi yg ok banget.
makasih sudah berbagi hasil jepretannya.

Andhari mengatakan...

Sickkk dude, those are SO GOOD!

Nashe^ mengatakan...

WOW i wish Singapore was as big as Indonesia sometimes... my country is so small there's no place to go backpacking!

PS; about the beach in my photo... yea the beach is gorgeous! It's a man-made beach, though. hehe.

nando.gino mengatakan...

@all..thanks for the comments, and guys, y'all should go to this island. I can tell you that this 10x better from bali, well, If I can say about the minus, its only about the wave (the island have small waves, not like Bali with all those big waves for surfing).

This island was so silent (the right place to relax from our messy routinity), the beach are so deep-cleaned,,,one word for this island is GREAT, can't say no words again.

And yes, if you plan to go there, and need some information about backpacking info like accomodation, transportation, please contact me, I'll happy to help you all.

narti mengatakan...

@ Nando, gak ada shoutboxnya ya? maaf nulis disini.
coba ke link ini, mudah-mudahan ini yg Anda cari.

narti mengatakan...

@ Nando, ke link ini, semoga membantu.

Anonim mengatakan...

I love the scenery, it's so damn Beautiful...!!!
I'm totally green with ENVY

nando.gino mengatakan...

@narti ,, thanks ya mba ^^

@andiquroy ,, ha6x, u know what ? u should go there, its now or never. No, I mean, you know belitung island are now getting crowded (well, not as crowded as jakarta or even bali, but it does really crowded after Laskar Pelangi the movie launched about couple years ago).

I heard some news told arrangement Belitung Island will be the next Bali. You know what it mean right ? its getting too much western style, too noisy and too much slutty. So, now is the perfect time to get the real belitung before the island going to the commercialism word.

ps. I can say this Island is the best island I ever seen (at least for now, even more beautiful than Bali - in my opinion)

Anonim mengatakan...

I've got a friend who is actually from there.
But now he's staying in Jakarta to continue his study.

Me wanna go there...
Me wanna see the pure (un-touched) greenery there...

Clues, please...

nando.gino mengatakan...

Ops, i forgot. I haven't tell you the detail. Oke then, I'll give you the detail.

You can go directly there by airplane (the brand are batavia or sriwijaya, for now, only those two airline who go directly to Belitung Island).

If you lucky, you'll get the promo one which will cost 500,000 IDR roundtrip, or normally it will cost 300,000 - 450,000 / trip.

If you want to see all those beauty beaches, from the airport of Belitung (the airport name is Hananjoeddin), you can go with travel bus or if you want more with adventure style, you can rent a motorbike and go straight to Tanjung Kelayan or Tanjung Tinggi area.

Well, thats a little clue from me. You an go ask me directly to my e-mail, then I'll give you more about the detail. I even can give you phone number of the hotel, transportation, etc

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