Kamis, Mei 27, 2010

Another blog

This post going tobe a quick one. Its about my new blog, three days a go, officially I posted something into my new blog. For blog itself, actually I made it about two or three months a go. Due to some reasons, I just got my time days ago to editing the template and posted some. My new blog name is MOTODIPOTO , its mean PhotographingPhotographed in English. The blog more focus on Photography things from my taste, as a wannabe photographer yet as a wannabe model side. You all are welcome to my blog, so please, don't get hesitate to take you finger to my blog. Critics or somethings are welcome too.

Oh yea, in Indonesia it will be a long weekend start from tomorrow. So dude, happy holiday all ^^


camera mengatakan...

bahasanya rumit....

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