Minggu, Mei 09, 2010

Being a Backpacker

is not easy yet not too hard

Next week, I will go to Semak Daun Island, on Thousand Islands, Jakarta with my highschool's friends. We dealed to make this trip as a backpacker journey, and due all my friends never doing backpacker journey like this before so they asked me to arrange and make the itinerary for this trip. They told me 'You know what, we never did this before, so its our first time and we know nothing about backpacker stuffs. What we should do ?'.

I know I'm not expert on this thing yet, but at least I want to share what I know about backpacking, which I hope will be useful for my friends and those who need to know about it. Well, here are few tips from me :

1. Observe. First thing you should do when you decide to backpacking to someplace is observe. Find out about the place you want to visit, what is a plus and minus from the place, how to get there - transportation, where to stay - accomodation, etc. By observe the place, you'll know what you have to bring and you'll know what you have to write on for the itinerary.

2. Be Brave. You can't go backpacking if you still affraid of many things like 'Uhm, where do we will stay there?' , 'How we get there?', 'What if the budget far from our estimates?', 'What if we lose our money while we go there' , and others what if questions. All I can say is be brave. Just remember that human will try their best effort to get survive, its a nature law.

3. Be Strong. I hate when backpacking with person who always complain about anything. Complain about long walking on feet, complain about the food, complain about place overnight, etc. If you are too tired to walk far, If you hate or can't eat bad food, If you hate to overnight on a place with dusty all over it, If you are too worry about the heat of the sun and coldness at the night then you shouldn't go backpacking. Being a backpacker is to make us strong, so just face all the condition, do not complain.

4. Don't Be Shy. Don't shy to ask directions from people if you get lost. Don't be shy to do an impromptu job while you traveled and lack of money to afford your days. If it needed, you can put you shyness at home first when you want go backpacking.

5. Be Generous. Generous here mean in any aspects. Generous to natural environment and also to humanbeing. For example, always bring plastic bag while you backpacking to put all your trash during your trip untill you meet the real trash can. Don't forget to help people who need a help. Being a traveler with low budget doesn't mean make you to be a selfish person. When you meet poeple who needs your help so much, try to help her/him, try your best. In my life, I do believe with karma, so if you put a good point to others then you'll got the good points too from others on our days in the future.

6. Wise With Money. Yup, due to backpacking is a low budget traveling, so, we have to spend every cent of our money wisely. Try to find anything (like transportation, overnight place, etc) with the lowest cost. Be frugal.

Thats all from me and one thing for sure, just give it a try. Once you traveling with backpacker style, soon you'll know whether you fit become a backpacker or not.


narti mengatakan...

jd definisi backpacker itu seperti itu ya? baru ngerti...kirain ya biasa aja, ternyata ada syarat lainnya untuk masuk kategori ini.
ditunggu photo-photonya yg keren pastinya.
selamat liburan.

Eaz Eryanda mengatakan...

semoga saya menjadi backpacker yang baik :-)

NITIA / MONTO mengatakan...

yeaayyy thats true! used to be a backpacker too. one thing, avoid doubtfulness. it may lead you to a wrong path. lol

nando.gino mengatakan...

@narti ..hey,,lama tak bertemu (scara online)..hihiih. Kangen nih pengen masak resep dari blog nya. Ntar kalo udh cobain tak kasih tau ya

@Eaz ..amin

@NITIA ..yup, you're right, its all about faithfullness. Anyway, Im glad to have blog friend like you,,thanks

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