Selasa, Oktober 27, 2009

100 Words Story

Inspired, took up the glove in fact, by Ben, man who manage blog called no ordinary roller coaster. Its about couple months a go when I read his blog, its amazed me read his post titled 'Dabbling in Drabbling'. The thing amazed me was this post about writing something, could be poetry, fiction story, nonfiction story, etc, but one ruled we all have to go with is the word not more than 100 words. Actually, writing 100 words story is not a big deal if I wrote with my primary language 'Bahasa', but to taste the challenge more difficult I decided to try wrote my 100 words story with English, despite I thought it good to improve my English writing ability. Well, here is my story, enjoy ::

the rabbit, the star

Ten years after the day, a bad day. Now, the rabbit sit silent on his chair. He look over on his success and thank to day on ten years ago, a day made him have more spirit, thank to people who underestimated, averted their eyes, and punched on him, those things make him stronger and more spirit walking on his life. ‘Shadow, shooting will began ten minutes again’, said black-hat man with pen and piled of paper on his hand and with a big smile on his face, rabbit say ‘okay’. The rabbit is superstar now.


So, how do you think about my 100 words story ? and how about your own 100 words story.


Deidre mengatakan...

One hundred words you say? Do I have to tell a story? Gloves. Michael Jackson. Yay! Word association? No? Who wears bow ties anyway? Polka dots are underrated. My sheets are in the dryer. There is nothing like making a bed with warm sheets and then crawling inside and snuggling in. Am I right? I found your blog via 20 something bloggers. My phone is pink. Once it started singing “my humps” REALLY loudly in a quiet study area. I may have been really embarrassed. I was. My sunglasses are pink too. But my favourite colour is clearly yellow, obviously.

nando.gino mengatakan...

LoL. You got the point, well, after I wrote my post, I thought again. Its seems not that hard to write story in 100 words, its look hard in the begining maybe due to i'm not use with English on writing a story, but I think there's nothing wrong to post about it just to make some fun.

Well, nice to see you share your story here. ^^

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