Rabu, Oktober 14, 2009

YM! chat with my best friends

I've just got a funny yet a great moment with my YM! . A few minutes a go, I logged on to my Yahoo Messenger account, and soon after I logged on, 4 of my best friends chat on me. First I chatted with my sister, not my real sibling, but either me or her already regards each of us as a sibling, so I called her 'kak' (it mean sister in English), Novita Sari Harahap or use to called Nope as her nickname. Chit chat about her coming on November, planning to hire my photography company to took pictures of her and a friend of her. She ask about gothic and japanese-style as the concept. I say yes to her, and start discussed about others like price, wadrobe, location, etc.

Second chat session, there is Deddy Samuel Hutahaean, my high-school's mate. Like we always did before, we chat just about to giving joke each other, and by the end of our conversation he asked what should he use (drink or eat) to make his eyes open longer than should, to make unslumber at the night, so I gave him a few of advices to him.

Last but not least, my conference chat with Eaz and Metha, I called them as e.e and memet. First we talked about our plan to build business cooperation between us. Second and others, we talked about anything, about blogging, people, about food, etc.

Those stories about my funny yet great moment YM! chat today. I thank to God still giving me and my friends time to chat. Sometimes, as humanbeing, we easily to not thank God about great moments that looks simply we have. From now on, I will force my self to always thank God about everything God have done to my life, either happy or sorrow.


metha mengatakan...

smangat! :P

smalem gw tdr jam 2 deh :P

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