Senin, Oktober 19, 2009

Bucked-up Songs

First I'll tell you why I post this. Inspired by my friend's blog Herding Cats who posted about her sickies! and songs that make her day up from the a dumpster-dragged day. I start thinking on my head about my weakness situation, I'm thinking, do I have songs on my awful day ?. Soon, I'm start looking on my playlist, searching wheter if there is/are song(s) could be my spirit-generator song(s) when I stand on cracky days. The answer, hei-hei-hei, yea, I have song that could be my spirit-generator or picking me up from dumpster-dragged day, not only a song, but 2 songs.

What are they, the songs I chose as my inspiring songs ?. Well here are the list :
1. I Believe by Agnes Monica, taken from her latest album (gold edition) 'Sacredly Agnezious'

2. Harapan (Hope) by Jflow

Being stucked in your life and stand on your impasse, sometimes could stressed you and make you like a crazy stupid person, most if there are no body near you to guide you, to help you. Song, could be your anwer, or even it didn't gave you a shoot, at least with hearing your favourite song could relaxing your soul, body and mind. So, what about you guys ? do you have your own bucked-up songs ? please let me know it.


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