Sabtu, Oktober 31, 2009

BOLANG T-SHIRT Mig33 version

Referred to my friend's blog Eaz Eryanda (a handsome man who loves rice so much ?! LOL). So, here I will post about BOLANG T-SHIRT mig33 version. This t-shirt is project between me, and three of my friends, eaz, bayu and metha. This project began when we dream about success so much, so we think why don't we start to build our own kingdom of business ?. Then here we go, we start it with our first project.

front view

back view

our brand image / logo

Explanation :
design name : BOLANG chater's (mig33)
material : Combad 30's
t-shirt color : black
design color : white, red and grey
price : IDR 60,000 or US$ 10 (exclude of shipping fee)
available size : S, M, L and XL

how to order ?
Nando : 62 81383616212
Eaz : 6221 9292 2512
Bayu : 62 8569026526

e-mail :
Nando (me) on
Eaz on
Bayu on
Metha on

or just drop your comment order to my chatbox on the sidebar.


Edwin's Personal Blog mengatakan...

Sangat kreatif, Mas Nando. Semoga sukses ya bisnisnya. Punya distro ya?

nando.gino mengatakan...

thanks mas edwin,,amin,,gak kok, saya gak punya distro. Saya dan kawan2 hanya menjual secara online dan mulut ke mulut aja, gak buka lokasi penjualan.

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