Rabu, Juli 29, 2009

Priceless Friendship and Adventures From MIG33

Far from 2007, all i know about online community with friendship and stuff is just a bull**it and crappy things, thats make me never come to any gathering online community, but then I joined mig33 community on November 20074, it just like lick on my own spittle. I found not a bull**it anymore, yet crappy things, now I found fun, good (even the best) friendship, yet wonderful adventures. I am enjoyed come to any possiblity to come gathering, upss,,,its enjoying for sure not enjoyed, guest what ? a little bit secret, cause I am still enjoying my time to come to gathering.

Its almost 2 years since my name registered as a member on mig33 online community with username nu_celeb. Lot, lot, lot, lo (uhhh,,,I’ll type a million lot word if its possible) experience and friends I had, a great one of course. The most great friendship I got from mig33 is bolang (bahasa - mean as an adventurer boys in english, we called ourselves as bolang ‘cause we are person who love adventure so much)). Friends like putri (nick: putrie_crenzz), eaz (nick: eaz_arab), nukey (nick: schyzoid-disorder), aya (nick: aya_cahaya_aya), Dede (nick: cacing_disko) Ecko (nick: ecko_182), Siska (nick: luchuney), etc. We are come from different existing room, for example from room:: Kampus Bekenz, Stasiun, UIN Jakarta, and other. Lot of things we’ve did together, from sad to happy, from tears come up to be a big smile.

There are two great adventures we had, (for information, when we do our adventure, we mostly do with backpacker’style, no glamour, only fun and togetherness – feelings that you can’t buy with money). First one is a journey to Untung Jawa, Thousan Islands, Jakarta – Indonesia. Its happened on November 1st, 2008. Can you imagine each of us (total are 10 person who went on the journey) only bring our money around 100 thousand rupiahs in our hand, very worthed with great experience we had ‘cause most of us never going to thousand islands before. We found a beautiful beach, great view to the ocean, delicious food, and so on. Second great adventured I had is going to bali with bolang, journey that begun from conversation among I, eaz and nukey on early January 2009, and we bring it up to real on March 30, 2009. Three young man and two young woman with adventurer soul deep in our blood (too much huh ? but it does what we had in our blood) did a long trip. We start our journey by train from Station Senen, Jakarta to Surabaya, then continued with mini bus to Kuta, Bali. Great things from rent a room motel for five, eat only twice a day, have a not-tight-slept night at the beach, and confusion where/who to ask to loaned some money due to lack of wayback-transportation cost.

Now after lot things happened to me because mig33, I must admit and lick on my own spittle that a true friendship comes not only from street-that-say-hi-and-swith-phone-number, but it could comes from chatting application online like mig33, not only friendship, so with the adventures. I’ve got my priceless friendship and adventures, how about you ?


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