Kamis, Juli 30, 2009

We (Indonesia) are not afraid

Ok, I (maybe mostly of indonesian) little bit shocked by bombed-blast on early july a go. But 100% for sure, no, let make it 1000% for sure that tragedy will not make us down, afraid and living long in sadness. We still strong to do our daily activities as usual like before the tragedy happened. We agree that if the 'afraid' feeling live on us, the terrosist will be more and more happy and bigging the smile on their faces, so we decide to not afraid to terrorism and not afraid to hang-around on our own country, this all what we have to do to create a good image internationally that Indonesia still a save place to be visit on.

Now, related to the 'we are not afraid' things up, there is a campaign from indonesiaunite.com about 'say no to terrorism - kami tidak takut (we are not afraid)'. We background with the same feel (angry with terrorism), the same motherland will continuing and spreading this campaign from locally target until internationaly. The target are to say no (fuc*) to terrorism, to re-build godd image of indonesia name internationaly, and to not afraid with terrorism. Here is I upload the breastpin (I got this from lanching im3 groov3 at hardrock yesterday) of this campaign. Before enjoying the picture, onceagain, we are not afraid of terrorism and for those folk out there, plese, don't get hesitate to visit our beautiful country.


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