Sabtu, Juli 18, 2009

Bomb blast in Jakarta

Again and again, bomb incident happened in my lovely country Indonesia, exactly in its mother city, Jakarta. J.W Marriot and Ritz Carlton located on Kuningan, South Jakarta are where there were a bomb blast yesterday morning, (Friday, July 17th 2009). For J.W Marriot building, this is a second time bomb blast happened. First time was on 2003. Untill last night, the information I heard, there are six person died because the bomb yesterday. The bomb yesterday not only kill six person and injured more than ten person, but it also left a deep crying in every heart of indonesia's people, so many people cursing to this incident, why this happened just a few days before Manchester United will coming for their asian tour, which planned match with Indonesia All Star Player on July 20, 2008.

So many speculation and suspection behind this incident, like, this incident did by person or group who did not satisfy with the result of President Election, second, there is also hot specualtion around people that this incident comes from Malaysia who didn't want our country played with Manchester United, and so on. Well, for me. It really doesn't matter who or what organization behind this incident, the most impotant thing is, the government will succes to revealed this case, and this incident will not happen again. Also, we could learn from this bom blast, that, our security system in every office building should be more strengthen.


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