Kamis, Juli 23, 2009

Workout to get sixpacks

It's been two weeks I did my exercise planned. Start from my last considering to be an actor or professional model, makes me write-down things I have to do to make it, and having six packs body is one on the list. I've observed about everything related to 'how to get six packs body?' from googling until asked my brother, and the point is giving big attention to my eat-scheme, and for the exercise its only about run and sit-up, believe that in 3 months you'll have six packs body. So, I do like what they explained and its just 2 weeks began, still have 2 months and 2 weeks to see will I make it or not?. Despite, to have good healthy as physic and psychic is one big thing I considered on.

Just thinking, maybe I should upload my half-naked picture every week to see the changed. Due its late to upload my first week result, I will start report from my exercise with the half-naked picture from this sunday (next also will b upload every sunday).

Last but not least, I wish a support from all of you, thanks.


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