Sabtu, Juli 18, 2009

New Photos

This is it. A new photos come from me, which taken by my borther as photographer, Juara Elyas. Well, we are definitely two person who have passion or dream for sure on our own way. Me, the one who always dreamin to be a famous actor or professional model, and my brother, the one who dream to be a success director or photographer. Thats why, both of us seems often to work together to act as we are a real model yet a ral director.

Last monday, we doing a photo session again, location still my homesweethome, but a little bit different, I gave idea to my brother to make it on the top of our roof. Some taken on top of closet. As far, me and the whole of my family (include my sister, and friends) agree that this photo session had much, much better than before.

Curious about the photos ? Well, here they are, fo information. The camera used for this photo session borrowed from my friend, and the time when I want to give the camera back to my friend. My friend found that the memory slot broken, I dont know why, maybe the wrong input memory card by me or what, and I have to take my money out about two hundred thousand rupiah to repair the camera (cant be too bad huh ?).









Andhari mengatakan...

*whistles* woooo look at you!

Love the scarf!:)

dyra mengatakan...

null,,, ntu yang putih kaen gorden yak????

nando.gino mengatakan...

@andhari...thanks for spent your time comin to my blog.

And, actually to be truth, (he 'white-thing' hanged on my neck were not a scarf, but its my window's curtain. Funny isn't it? Just can't imagine if hanged out with that outfit...

@dyra...iya dyr, ntu gorden rumah gue. Ckikicckik

Dian Indriasari mengatakan...

ckikik... tnyata beneran kain korden :D
ada2 aja... but creative,
keren pictnya...
no.3 keliatan mellow beud,...
no.7 suka liatnya, backgroundnya cihuy..

nando.gino mengatakan...

@dyra...hhahaha,,hu.uh ide dr abang gue tuh pk gorden. Tpi untuk poto diatas genteng rumah gue adlah ide gue. Mkanya view-nya jd mantep kn? Heehehehe...

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