Selasa, Agustus 25, 2009

Ndeesaster, Rising Hip-hop Star in Indonesia

If you think hip-hop is a crappy and suck music and if you think that Indonesia can't-didn't have a good hip-hop singer. You better think it over and over again. Indonesian rising hip-hop star, who born named Andhari Z Sidharta, but known as Ndeesaster - her stage's name. 21 Years old girl, a talented girl on hip-hop music industry. Here is one of her song that I got from youtube.

Her taste on music, her well pronounced english, her style and her thought blended become one word, so talented. First time I know about this singer, when I did blog-walked in my leisure time. I found social-network blog, blog content all things about 20 something blogger, a place for 20something blogger to share their thought and make friendship among them. First I saw this social-network blog, soon I registered my name and become a member. Not long after I registered, Ndeesater put a comment on my profile and give some welcome-words, then I checked her profile and found her music there. First I heard her song, I have no idea she is indonesian, but then I read her profile more, suprised me she is indonesian (cause from herlook, she look more like an arabian look
blend with thailand or philipino's look).

Hearing her music for the first time, love her music at the same time. I've heard three of her songs, and if I may rate her music, I'll rate 4 from 5 stars.Definetely a must have on your mp3 player songs.

So, are you all with me think that she has that word call talented hip-hop star and you start curious with her other songs, just visit on her blog or to her my-space profile page to find out more.


Andhari mengatakan...

Yayyyy! Thanks so much for featuring me in your blog. It's an honor, really. :)

nando mengatakan...

Your welcome, its also an honor for me to get your permission. Hahaha,,despite, if one day u make ur very 1st self-titled album and being crazy famous, this post could make me on proud situation. Well, if you are going to make music video, please let me know, i'll go for the casting. LOL.

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