Sabtu, Agustus 29, 2009

Late Quote of the week #3

Oh my God, day walked so fast lately on me. Its saturday now, and didnt realise thursday has passed, the day for my 'Quote of the week #' post. Better late then nothing, so, what is my Quote about for this week ? I got this quote first from my friend's facebook profile, he wrote 'Do our best, let God do the rest'.

Very oldschool quote, but a very deep meaning quote. Everytime I read or remembered it, it conscious of I'm only a humanbeing who will always needs God guide my way. Needs God, it doesn't mean only pray, pray and pray all the time to get what we want, but we have to try our best, cause I believe endeavor without pray will be nothing, and so with pray without endeavor will be a big zero.


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