Selasa, Agustus 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Brother, Juara

Today is my borther birthday, Juara. Now, he is 24 years old, two years older than me. What can I say about my brother ? Well, there are few facts about him. First : His fulll name is Juara Elyas Tampubolon, the meaning of his name ? Juara mean champion in english, Elyas taken from Elyas Pical, Indonesian boxer who won world champion title on the year when my brother born, 1985. Second : He is a smart boy who turning into a man, yes I admit him as a clever one. Third : Admiting him as a clever, also makes me admit him as a 'cocky' person sometimes (not always, peace bro'). Fourth : He is an idealist one, sometimes his idealist are good but mostly (in my opinion) make him such like a suck person (peace again bro'). Fifth : Kids lover, he the one who really care about kids and easy to get along with kids, or maybe it show that he ready being a father/married man ? lol. Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, forth are belong to him, so if you want to know about him more from these, just move your ass to his blog at

Once again, Happy Birthday to you my brother, Juara Elyas. Wish all the best for you.


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