Minggu, Agustus 23, 2009

Happy Whole Week

This week is like a wonderful week for me. There's a reason(s) for me to say that.

First, thing that make my week great is donor blood. I did donor blood on Wednesday (Aug 19, 2009).This donor actually the third for me, first one I did it at bali on 2006, then thesecond is from my ex office at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta on 2008. Due to I lost my previous donor card, so my current come counted as a first on my new donor card.I'm so happy that I could do donor blood again after a year I didn't and from now on I will try to make it as a routine activity, once for three months.

kartu donor
my donor blood card

Second, I found my work-out schedule going on a good progress day after day. You know ? yesterday was my sixth weeks I've done my work-out schedule, and there are still six weeks left from my schedule to get my sixpack body (of course I wont do it only for three months, but three months is my first target to see the early result).
after 2 weeks

after 6 weeks

Third, I have a beautiful niece just yesterday. Her name is Ineyla Javeline Abigael Tampubolon (Ineyla given name by me, javeline given by my brother Juara and Abigael given by my sister Maria). She is my brother's (James Tampubolon) daughter, she came to this world on 1.20 pm (Indonesian Time).Here are below some picture of her. What a cute baby girl, right ?
Ineyla Javeline Abigael Tampubolon

Forth, a Laptop in my house. Not mine actually, its my brother James who bought it. Its VAIO, with specification :: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8100, Hard Disk 250 GB, RAM 4 GB, 14.1" Display Bright LCD Lite and of course DVD RW.

Think four reasons cant count your week as a great week ? okay, let me add one more reason. My house are seems more croud and noisy than before, makes me happy, cause you know, it used only fourpeople who stay in my house, its me, my second brother JuJu, my second sister Maria and her husband, Capluk. So quite. Suddenly it changed yesterday, there are my first sister Hera and her son, Ceko visiting, there is also my cousin from Jambi, Purnama. Ruth and Amezia, my uncle's daughter also come to house just having some funny conversation.

Well, those are reasons why I told you all it was a great week for me. Don't you think ?


Heaven mengatakan...

Thanks sdh visit blog saya:

Silahkan kutip blog saya, namun tolong pasang blog tsb sbg link di blog anda. Mari kita bela budaya kita. Kenapa anda tidak membuat blog budaya Batak atau keindahan alam Sumatera.

Smg sukses.


Komang Setiabudi

nando.gino mengatakan...

Thanks udah di perbolehkan, link blog anda sudah saya masukkan kedalam kalimat dengan membuat kalimatnya hyperlink (gak masalah kan?).

Hehehe,,belum terpikirkan membuat blog tentang budaya batak atau sumatera (sadar diri belum mengerti benar). Tapi terima kasih atas masukannya.

Melihat dari nama anda sepertinya anda orang bali asli ya ? salam kenal kawan..

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