Kamis, Agustus 06, 2009

Mbah Surip Died With Pride

Born named as Urip Achmad Aryanto, but get fame until the end of his life as Mbah Surip. An artist who came from nothing and become bigger 'till his death. The man who died with pride within his heart. Here I post not to get along sadness to his death-news. Here I'd like to say that Mbah Surip is really great man, an old man with inspiring story-life-tell.

Began from his young age, he always dream to be an artist or singer who will be shown on tv. Guess what? He did, he reached his dream in about last couple years, it means the process from he start tryin to be an artist untill he success become a real artist. Yes we can say that was quite a long time (he took more than 10 years to be success), but that's the point, he never give him up to stop tryin and tryin to catch the dream. Even on his old-age, he still do all the job with no regret, complaint and with big spirit. Those thing about Mbah Surip are inspiring me to cheering my self and convince my self that I could reach all my dreams, its all just about 'do a BIG confident in my self', 'do BIG effort' and las but not least 'do BIG.BIG.BIG pray to GOd', just like people always say 'we do our best, than GOD will do the rest'.


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