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Christmas Celebration + Blog Challenge 2009::Night Out and Workshop

Yesterday was christmas celebration from Tiberias Church, held on Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta. Its kind like a biggest christmas celebration ever in Indonesia (maybe). I went there with my sister - Ida Susilowati and my brother - Elyas Tampubolon. Its been almost 5 years we didnt go for christmas celebration together. Wll, you can call its like a christmas reunion for us. There are two guest star in that night, one is grammy winner for best traditional gospel album, Israel Houghton and Ps. Peter Youngren. That night was so crowded, can you imagine ? a football stadium with 88,083 capacity transformed as christmas celebration spot. Totally crowded, lot of yell and claps, but still, even there's so crowded at that night, I have my one favourite moment. When there was time for lit up the candle and sanf 'o holy night'. All lamps on stadium off, one by one candle started glow and shine. Here's picture below that showed view from my favourite moment at that christmas night.

view from top

How ? dont you think it was incredible ? More than 50,000 candles are flared up and glow look like they were fireflies.
Stop about my christmas celebration, continue to The Best of 2009 Blog Challege, now I'll post two days theme at once. First, about my best night out. It was a night with all my Mig33 friends (like Eaz, Bayu, Ceiban, Ecko, and many more) at Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta on July 5th, 2009. Crazy night, not only for gathered with more than 100 friends from Mig33, but sure because I represented my group won (2nd winner actually) on 'kicking competition' , also we all treated by Steven Goh (CEO of Mig33) , not only a portion of steak or a glass of juice, but we treated 'all we can it' menu from Hard Rock Cafe.

kicking competition
waiting for dinner
winner results

About workshop, the best workshop I attended was on Indonesian Consumunity Expo 2009, November 21st, 2009, Jakarta. The workshop held on Indonesian Mac Club Booth, its about how to do a great presentation to clients. For sample, they gave Steve Jobs presentation when him present IPhone for Apple's new product to the world. I thank that I attended to this workshop, so made me understant about giving a good presentation to clients. Unfortunately I have no my pictures from that workshop.

So there's my story for now. How about you guys ?


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