Kamis, Desember 03, 2009

10 Things I Want For Christmas

YEHAAAA,,its december, okay i bet you already know what make december special for me (or even for over million people in the world). Yup, your guess is right, its christmas what makes december is so special. Christmas, not only about celebrate Jesus Christ birthday, but its all about gather together with whole family, eat ? yes. chit-chat ? yes cooking ? yes. and so many other fun yet great stuffs i usually did with my family on christmas time. Of course, christmas is all about make some wish or maybe make some new resolution for the next year, and these are what all i want for christmas (new resolution for the next year later will post when december 31st is right in front of my eyes) :

First, In this Christmas, I want all my family (sisters, brothers, nephew, niece, n mom) could gather together to have some fun at home. Its a must..

Second, I wanna have a new (or second) GSM Mobile Phone. Want it badly,,please, santaclause, if u read it, dont forget to come on chirstmas night to my room, i'll let it open for You >,<

Third, I want have an (or some) holiday. Traveling, ohhh,,everytime i heard that word, make me feels like 'so turn on'. I love, really-really love trveling.

Fourth, Going to 'sensi' to buy some new (ups, i mean second) christmas outfits (for sure, I want jacket/sweater, jeans and santaclause's costume). I hate mall for shopping, its better go to the market to buy one or two pieces of christmas outfits.

Fifth, Some new books for my reading.

Sixth, have some money to buy domain for my blog, its 2 months left bfore my free domain end >,<

Seventh, have some signs what should I do for living

Eighth, a new softlense maybe ?!?

Ninth, a new hair color / style ?!?

Tenth, wish i could have 10 more wish list .. lol

Okay, those are 10 things what i want for christmas,,how bout u fellas ? Please, let me know it ^^


susant mengatakan...

aminnn.. mudah2an terealisasi..
ya paling tidak 1 atau 2 lah..
he he

nando.gino mengatakan...

yeha,,thanks for your pray sista. Anyway, happy late eid-aladha ^^

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