Rabu, Desember 16, 2009

Agnes Monica Tribute to MJ (from Trans 8isa)

Couple hours ago Agnes Monica* did a great performance on Trans Corp anniversary. Total, she did 3 performances, but her medley tribute to MJ is I like the most. Here's the video recorded from television : (thanks to blastoop for uploaded the videos)

*for information Agnes Monica is one of the hottest, greatest yet the most talented diva in Indonesia (or even on South East Asia), and yes she's my inspiration


Eaz Eryanda mengatakan...

butettt...itu ceped amad dah ada video nya :S

lu yng rekam e?

Eaz Eryanda mengatakan...

owwh.....si blastoop....wkwkkwkwk

komen dulu baru baca gua,,,waahahhah

Edwin's Personal Blog mengatakan...

Yup keren banget memang lagu Jacko medleynya. Si Agnes juga stabil suaranya meski sambil ngedance. Top abis...

Lazy D Dizzo mengatakan...

never really heard of Agnes Monica but i'll be sure to check her out now.. thanks for posting this

NITIA / MONTO mengatakan...

oh i hate her. lol.

nando.gino mengatakan...

@eaz .. wkwkkw,,kacrut,,maen asal komen aja lu :p bkn dibaca dulu ^^

@erwin,,yup,,mantep, salah satu performa terbaiknya

@lazy ,, well, u should check her out now on youtube, she's even better from boa (for me at least)

@nitia..lol,,thats okay, we still be friend right even goin different taste, aren't we ?

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