Selasa, Desember 08, 2009

Blog find of the year in a Moment of peace

Its 8 in the morning here in Jakarta, Indonesia. I just get up from my bed nad had some breakfast. Now its time for me to post The Best of 209 Blog Challenge. Due yesterday I didnt post about this challenge, so today I'll post two themes at once.

First, What blog find of the year for me ? Well, without hesitation I'll say as my best blog find for 2009. I even can't remember how can my finger found this amazing social network site. I just remembered that I was on my way about blog walking (If I aint wrong, it was on may I found 20sb). Soon after I saw this social network, I registered and start enjoy explore the site. Lot things I got from, I got more blog'friends, I got place to promote my blog, my blog got more readers and of course I learn free about english (all members speak with english language, in other words it forced me to learn more about english). Despite, 20something blogger is the best social network for those who blogging and age under 30. With 9,000 more members joined the site, the right place to promote your blog, discuss topic with other members, and get some giveaways ? Please, admit it, you tempted to see and join this social network, dont you ?

Visit 20 Something Bloggers

Stop being like a sycophant, promoting 20sb too much. Time to move to the second theme, Moment of peace. I would say September was my best moment of peace. That time, I did yoga almost every day, and I enjoyed my yoga days. I love yoga very much, its not only made me healthier, but it also keep our body more relaxed and flexible. Of course I can say that yoga is a cheap sport, we can do this at home and need no big space. Unfortunately, I'm kind a moody guy, I stopped yoga on November, but thanks Jesus, now I get my mood again, so I do my yoga back.


Sami mengatakan...

20SB is a great place! I've met so many amazing people from there. :) I'm glad I found it too; I also don't remember how I found it!!

I have always wanted to try yoga... it looks very challenging yet relaxing at the same time. :)

Brent mengatakan...

Hey, thanks for the awesome comment on my blog post. I appreciate that. Your words speak truth too.

20sb is awesome! look me up on there. And yoga... I've been trying to start. I want to learn to meditate also to learn to calm my mind and have less stress.

Edwin's Personal Blog mengatakan...

What an ardor of yours. Keep getting yoself imaginative and creative, brother.. You got it all to express yo self...

Nice doin' Mas Nando ^_^

Nashe^ mengatakan...

Hey I used to do yoga... but I stopped, too! Haha. Ga ada temen mau yoga bareng soalnya.

nando.gino mengatakan...

@Sami..well, u have to try yoga again. Its a perfect exercise yet relaxcise (relaxcise ?lol. I've added u on Its nice you approved me, thanks

@Brent..I've added u on Yes, you should learn about yoga, in fact, i think its best way to calm ur mind after all ur busy day.

@Edwin..Hahah,,tengkyu ya mas edwin. Nice to have a blog-fren like you.

@Nashe ..too bad, u should go for yoga again. Trust me, you'll get the best live after all.

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