Selasa, Mei 12, 2009

Top 10 Places I Wish to Visit (part. 2)

Continuing my previous post about Top 10 PLaces I Wish to Visit (part.1), here I write the 'Top 10 PLaces I Wish to Visit (part.2)' for 5 places left that I wish to visit in my life.

1. Paris, France. Known as the most romantic place in the world. Not only for its beauty of view, but also the beauty of the girls and beauty of the languange. According to survey to young people, they deal to say if someone could speak france, it means they are sexy.


2. South of Korea, country from East Asia regional with so many things which could fulfill our travel desire/passion. If we want a tour with citylight 24hours we can get it on Seoul and busan. Not only with citylights view, we also can get beautiful landview in south of korea.



3. Hawaii, U.S, one of the most 'rich island' and beautiful in the world, according to some survey by travel magazines. Located to pacific sea, which mean its a tropical island. The island indulge its tourists with so many beautiful beach, valley and any other.



4. Philippines, one of country in south east asia who has deal english as one of its mother-language beside tagalog. Lot of beautiful beachs and mountains could we found in this country. It just why I really-really want to go to this place.



5. New Zealand, located near on south by australia. The most important from this place that we could expect is, this country has so many beautiful village-view with its beautiful mountain, valley, garden, and river. Oh ya, and one place I also want to see from this country is the 'stars-park', the place when we always can see stars in the sky every night. Maybe all of us can underline th word, always can see.



Well, there they are. The Top 10 Places I Wish to Visit. Did you have some similiar idea-places with mine? if so, maybe we can pray on each of us in order could make these come true. Hehehe...^^


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