Sabtu, Mei 16, 2009

100 biggest dreams of mine (part.1)

I am a dreamer person, of course I do have a lot things I dreamed on, but from those many dreams here I post 100 biggest dreams I have (numbered sequence doesn't mean anything).

1. House of my own. It doesnt need to be a big one. I just need a small perfect house with garden and a minimalist style . It will be good if it a one-stair house.

2. Built an orphan asylum, because I do really know how hard life going without parent, thats why I want to built an orphan asylum.

3. Travelling around the world.

4. Being celebrity. It doesnt mean I have to be an actor or something like that. It could be anything in a good way of course, for example, a famous entrepeneur, a famous writer, the point is just famous on what i am doing.

5. Get closer and closer to my God and my only Saviour, Jesus Christ.

6. Height become 175 cm. I dont know how tall I am now, I always got different numbers everytime I go to count my height, but for sure it goes around 168 cm or 170cm, and I want get taller become 175 cm. I dont know why, but I think 175 is a perfect height for man. ^^

7. Have corporate company with my family. It is me and 2 of my brothers dream since a kid. We always imagine if somewhen built corporate company and still stick each other untill we old.

8 - 10. Able speak 3 foreign language. Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese. These are languages I always dream to speak on.

11. Expert in cook. I love to eat. I love food. I love to cook, but I'm not so expert in this thing. I just want my hand could cook perfect everytime I try make some new recipe. Hehehehe... ^^

12 - 14. Make my mom happy. Buy a house for my mom. Take her go to Israel for travelling.

15. Go abroad to all East Asia country. Since I had crazy on east asia, so I want go to their country like China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.


16. Travelling with big star cruise.

17 - 24. Meet with all my idol : Oprah Winfrey, Christina Aguilera, Rachel Rays, Linkin Park, Morgan Freeman, Dakota Fanning, and Joey Massino.

25. Could be more wise.

26. I want have a private villa.

27 - 28. Bicycle and vespa. Looks like a crappy cheap dream, but it does my dream. I want to have a bicycle and vespa, 'cause i think its a perfect transportation in the middle of crowd jakarta-city.

29. Have my own clotthing line.

30. Have a lot of money in deposit. A lot mean must be upper from 1 million u.s dollar ^^.

31. All gadget in my hand. Just like a mobilephone, a notebook, and ipod, a psp, etc. Isn't it sounds great having all of those thing in our hand, is it? ^^

32. My eyes back normal. Now, my eyes are (-) minus 5. If I have more money, I will do a laser operation to my eys to make it normal again.

33. Curly hair. One day I want have a curly hair, just for a temporay. I don't know, but for me curly hair is great.

34. Go to college untill I have bachelor degree. This is my promise to my poor father, and I'm sure I'll prove it to him that I can, with my own money of course.

35. Live harmonious with my brothers-sisters untill old-age.

36. Develop my village on Sigumpar, Medan - Indonesia. This is one of my father's dream before he died, and this is now my dream.

37 - 39. Still get connected with my old friends, have a good relation with my old friends, and have a corporate company with my best friends.

40. Have an experience working abroad to other country.

41. (a) tattoo and piercing (permanent).

42. Make my own biography book. I don't care if it for commercial or just for my own private collection.

43. Have corporate company with my high-school best friends (destya, cece, pea and qdut).

44. Have a cloth-closet - just like in a movie, a big cloth-closet.

45. Could give some donation to my ex-school (from elementary, junior high and senior high school).


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