Jumat, Mei 22, 2009

Is it my new story ?

Yesterday, I've got message on my Facebook from my sister (not my womb sister) who's living and work at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (will be written as K.L). She told me (maybe) a good news, she said to me to make a passport with 48 pages and self-potrait 4 x 6 with white bacckground six sheets. What she say in her message is just s follow-up my previous demand email to her about possibilty to get a job for me as a Call Center Agent at her office in K.L.

Well, I don't know how to react to her message. Happy ? Not yet, 'cause this is not 100 % yet, but I'm preety sure and always hoping in my heart to get that job. I do always pray to God, to make it happen to my life, getting job with good income and the best side for me. I'm planning to make the passport next week, then I have to send the copy to my sister in K.L, then what I have to do is just waiting for confirmation call from K.L office, after I got the confirmation call, I'll fly my self to K.L (Oh God,,I wish it).

Is it gonna be my new story of my life ? I wish the answer from God is Yes. I'm really want this job, despite its income got a big (than work in Indonesia) also have an experience to live in other country is just my biggest dream when I was a kid. Okay, its enough about wishing, let God speak which I'll get that or not, just wait untill the time come.


cinthya mengatakan...

i hope so ya no,, wish u luck,, no matter where but just try to do ur best,,
my sister also give me an advice to get a job at singapore soon after my graduate,, but,, it sounds like a bad song for me,, i'm not sure that i can live far away from my mom,, but,, it is complicated enough,, coz knowing d achivement that many friend of my sist got a worted job and sallary there, makes me think many times to go there,, n get a job,,
but,,, i don't care about where i will get a job at all now,, u knew what did i mean?? hahhahaa,,, absolutely about my "minithesis to obtain dokterandus degree" (found it at sederet.com,, hahahhaha,,
don't know when it will be finished,, so what for thinking of where i will get a job,, hahahhaha,,,
just having fun with my time now,, and don't know when i will come to realize that i have no more time to have fun,,
maybe u can find out other reason to us to get a job at foreign country?? Tell me soon what u’ve found,,

nando.gino mengatakan...

Thanks for your comment my friend cinthya a,k,a cokin. According to your question on last sentence, is it mean you like to know about any other reason which maybe could make you change your mind to find a job abroad ? or is it mean i have to tell you if I have any info about vacancy abroad ?

As minutes goes, I analyze your sentence, I think what actually in your mind is about the first I've mentioned above. You wanna know other reason why we should going abroad only for a job ? I have some answers,,

1. We could satisfying our traveling passion, 'cause beside we do our job we also do traveling to the new place.
2. We'll get much money due to salary in other countries usually better than Indonesia.
3. Having new experience and also try to be be autonomous

Well, I hope what I've written here could help you find the answer. Hahaha,, (btw, eh sorry tadi ya gak jadi ketemuan,,hualah gue aja bete,,pada lelet banget cuy anak-anak, td abis nonton gue tinggal aja mereka, gue langsung pulang ^^ )

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