Kamis, Mei 28, 2009

The Show

I'm just in my time browsing the internet, one of site I browse was YouTube. I found a great video cover trial from Gamaliel (Indonesian young people) singing The Show by Lenka. When I read the title, actually I have no idea which song is this, 'cause I've never heard about it before, I star play the video cover trial, and I admit that his voice (Gamaliel) and his sister's (in this cover trial he did duet with his sister named Audrey) voice was so great. After heard the song I search the origin version of this song on Google. The singer is a young lady named Lenka, she is an Australian, born in 1978, not only a singer she is also a song writer. Well, here I put the video from Gamaliel and Lenka with The Show (in case you want to hear their both voice. For the lyric, just click here.


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