Senin, Januari 23, 2012

Save Water Save Your Life.

Water, might be the most important thing in our life. Can you imagine if there were no water in this world ? We can have no food for more than five days, but we mostly impossible to live without water for three to five days*. Eighty percents of our body is water, that’s why we do really need water the most in this life. Not just for our body, but to this environment, for watering plants, for washing clothes, and many more things need water.

Many ways you can do to save water in your daily life. These are five of them :
  1. When you turn on the water machine to fill your bath, pay attention on it. Do not ever leave the bath while you filling it, because the water maybe spilled out if you didn’t pay attention on it.
  2. Test your water meter. Turn off all water in the house and look at your water meter. The meter should not rotate, iIf the opposite occurs, there may be leaks in water pipes. Check all your water bill to ensure there are no major surge in the use of. If those things happen to your water meter, do call.
  3. Nowadays, there seems like no rainy season or summer, we nearly can’t predict when rain will come nor predict when the summer will come. So, when the rain come, we better absorb the rain water and use it for watering plants instead of complaining and getting mad because of it.
  4. Do bring your own mineral drink water from home. It will not just save the water, but it save your money too.
  5. Many people think brushing teeth is an activity that can be resolved quickly, that’s why most people often leave the faucet in open position while brushing their teeth. In fact, a number of 4 gallons wasted**. Is  It is not that hard to turn off the faucet for a while, isn’t it ?
After you read post, I wish nothing but when you use water crazily, think it over again, there are millions people in this world still living with water shortages. Be smart, be save, be generous. Save water save your life.


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sewa mobil surabaya mengatakan...

air i2 use n meningful bgt lho.. :D

rere mengatakan...

air harus mulai dijaga agar tidak keabisan

goey mengatakan...

air ni harus dijaga bener2

baju busana muslim mengatakan...

meski saya tidak terlalu mengerti dengan topik yang dibicarakan , tapi secara keseluruhan topiknya menarik, makasih ya sdh mau berbagi

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