Rabu, Januari 18, 2012

I Can Live Without AC

There is a friend of mine, who can't sleep without air-conditioner. She always turn on air-conditioner in her room, whenever she go to bed. I once asked her, why she need air-conditioner everytime she go to bed ? Isn't it enough by using fan only ? She answered, I don't know, I just feel better with air-conditioner, it's cooling the room different with fan. Then I asked again, "so you have tried using fan when you sleep before ?", she said "well, not yet". Soon after hearing her response, I'm like, what ? are you kidding me ? tryin to compare things that you never tried before ? 

Well, I still can't get it. I mean, she has no idea exactly how does it feel sleeping with fan, but she confidently said air-conditioner was better than fan. What are you looking for by using air-conditioner ? a cold room to help you get a quality yet comfort sleep, right ? Fan is more than enough, i think, well, okay this is my personal opinion.

Actually there are many points I can show you all, why do I prefer fan than air-conditioner. Air-conditioner, more than 50% electrical energy consumption in homes is for the air conditioner (AC)*. It means that, using air-conditioner suck lot of money from your pocket. Not just for the electricity, but air-conditioner  it self, buying air-conditioner is much-much-much more expensive than fan. After you buy it, you do still need routine maintenance services, which need much more money than fan, and all those money being sucked from your bank account. It will eroding your financial slowly but sure. 

Okay, we have seen in terms of it's economic aspect. Now let we see it in terms of go green living aspect.The use of air-conditioner will produce chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), an organic compound that contains carbonchlorine, and fluorine, produced as a volatile derivative of methane and ethane, which contribute to ozone depletion **

Yes, I prefer to not use air-conditioner, but then again it is your right to use or not to use air-conditioner in your home. Even though you will choose to use air-conditioner, there are still many ways you can do to use it wisely, for example leave the thermostat alone, keep the curtains closed, keep your air-conditioner out of the sun, etc ***. not just for you but sure for the world too. 

The point, in my opinion, by not using air-conditioner, you become a hero. You have save your self, yet you save the world too.

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*** http://saveenergy.about.com/od/homecooling/tp/ac_usage.htm


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