Senin, Januari 16, 2012

Don't Bring Too Many Clothes

I love traveling so much. Let say this is my passion. I remember the first time I had feeling for traveling was on my early childhood. I was on my kindergarten back then, my parents took me to their hometown Sigumpar in North Sumatera, near to Lake Toba. I was so happy that time, my first time experience on a plane, my first experience seeing a place other than city I lived.

My heart on traveling continue up till now. For the last three years, I've been traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and some areas of Indonesia, like Bali, Jogjakarta, Solo, Surabaya, Lombok, The Komodo National Park in NTT, Krakatoa Island, and many others. There was one time when someone asked me, why do I love traveling like very much. Simply I answered, because the world is too beautiful to not be explored.

Since I travel a lot, a lot of my friends asked me, what they should note when traveling. Actually, being a traveler is easy and simple. One of the most important things people should know about traveling is not bring too many clothes. Traveling is not like we're moving our household into a new place, it's about the experience it self.

Why do we have to bring so many clothes ? You don't want to pack and bring a too big bagpack rite ? You don't want waste your travel time just to taking care of your things on your bag, do you ? Get simple. Take a note, what's your trip is all about ? beach, mountain or what ? do adjust to your destination place and of course the weather. Do bring more black clothes than bright color. You don't need to wash your black clothes so often like birght colors, it means you save on your detergent to wash, which means that you save your financial.

Do re-use !! For example, if you traveling about 10 days, five clothes will be enough. You can use your first one in day one and six, your second cloth on day two and day seven, and so on. Instead bring many clothes, why don't you bring perfume, to avoid bad smell of your used clothes, so you'll have a good smell and people will not notice if you wear a cloth that have been used before.

Not only make your traveling more simple and fun, bring enough clothes reduce the excessive use of detergents and also save world water-supplies. Be a smart traveler !!


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