Rabu, November 04, 2009

I can't live without these - 20SB Blog Carnival

Just saw littleinsomniaclolita's twitter status, she wrote about new post on her blog. Then I clicked to her blog, read about 20SB Blog Carnival. After read her post, I'm thinking to join the blogger carnival. I clicked 20sb blog to find out the details about this such a great topic carnival.

So all I have to do is write down what things I can't live without (for now or at least next 10 years maybe), here are my lists :

1. My Mom, i dont count my whole family but only my mom. Why ? I don't know, but when my dad passed away couple years a go, nothing happened with me or my life. No such a great sadness happened, no such a great loss feeling, not such a big deal for me live without dad. Different with mom, I felt like I'm so lonely/oprhan child if she leave me. She's like my vitamin to walk on my live, to reach my success and to be a better man than before.

2. My black jeans-pants. LOL. But its true. I got this pants from my oldest sister, Hera and soon became my favourite jeans. If you seeing my pictures on my flickr you'll see the black jeans always covered my waist-to-toe.

3. BOLANG mig33. My friends, we all met first from online community Mig33 untill to the reality world. We've been through a lot of things, sad, happy even flat feelings. The most crazy things, we did backpacker journey to thousand island, yogyakarta, solo and also bali, once again with backpacker style, less money just togetherness feeling.

4. Blogging, Tweeting and Facebook(ing ?!). New way to get have fun in online's world.

5. Last but not least, Cigarette (I smoke Sampoerna A-Mild). Yea, I know this is a fuc*ing murder thing, but for sure I can't live without this thing, at least not know (or even the next 10 years). Just FYI, most of my time blogging always accompanied by cigarette. What a real best friend, right ?

Done, those are things I can't live without. This post is a part of 20SB’s Blog Carnival: Can’t Live Without, and Alice.com is awarding prizes to lucky bloggers and readers!. Isn't it great, posting yet winning something ?. Hurry, drop your post, today is the last day.


Edwin's Personal Blog mengatakan...

Good job buddy, loving your mom. Smoking? gonna bruise your lung. Tweeting? Keep socializing. Black pants? Get'em washed right away...

Edwin's Personal Blog mengatakan...

Mas nando, aq kirim email tentang kode membuat scroll box supaya tampilan rapi. Tolong dicek ya... :-)

onic mengatakan...

hallo :]
makasih dah mampir di blog gw! i love my mum more than anything too. but then i also love my dad so much ;]
stay blessed!

nando.gino mengatakan...

@Edwin , thanks udah mampir lagi ke sini. Thanks juga udh dikasih tau cara buat scroll boxnya. Great job, sesama blogger Indonesia saling membantu/kompak. Haha.

@Onic, Your welcome, I do really love your blog. Nice posts, nice layout and nice pictures, all u have in ur blog.

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