Jumat, November 27, 2009

Happy Eid Al-adha, ThanksGiving - someone give laptop ?!?

First of all, I would like to say 'Happy Idul Adha for those who celebrate it, and also Happy Thanks Giving for those American'. Yes, today is Idul Adha for muslims. Time to get on together with whole big families, time for eat cow and goat meat, its a celebration for muslims. Even I'm not muslim, yes, still I want to congrats my friends, 'cause many of my friends are muslims and I love them all, so I have to appreciate them too. Eid al-adha reminds me during my elementary, when a day before Eid Al-adha came, I usually go with all my friends to mosque near my school to accompanied them for 'takbiran', of course I didnt come in to the mosque with them, but I waited near from mosque untill my friends finish their pray. After that, we continued our day to playing around, well I mean walked around trace our neighborhood.



Couple minutes ago, when I'm tweeted about Idul Adha and Thanks Giving, I log on and browsed 20somethingblogger. I found one member made me suprise with his cool blog, he wrote on his blog 'Oprah Gives Car, I give laptops - Get Yours!'. The title made me curious, so I keep read his blog and find out how to get mine the laptop ? and you kno what ? its totally easy how to join this 'get yours' laptop, just comment on his blog. I've joined, why dont you make your self in to it too? just click this link and read the rules and start the comments. As simple as turn your palms.
Happy comment then ^^


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