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Day Heroes Nov-10-2009 and 2012 :: Quote of the week #7

Yesterday I just watched 2012, movie about how and when the world is going to face it 'rest-in-peace' or in the movie they called it was the world expired (lol, cause when I saw this text 'expired', reminds me to the canned-food with expired date). Okay, I'll talk about this movie next, here first I want to talk about my country celebrated Day Heroes on last Tuesday, November 10, 2009.

Day Heroes, for me is a symbolization day to give our respect to our lated-heroes, give them an honor, do not put behind what they did for the country, we have to keepin their struggled in the past into our heart so we can push our selves to continuing their struggle in this modern day. Day Heroes also show that we already have our independence, we are a free man, we should dare to say to the world that we are no longer colonized by any country. Those were on my mind when I thought about Day Heroes, but nowdays I got a little bit angry and disappointed by many of Indonesian youth generation who say Indonesia still have no independence and say that Indonesia still under colonized by our own country, well I found these kind opinion from twitter and facebook status update. I just wonder, they are Indonesia, but they are talking shit about their own country. If we talk it from the psychological aspects, the more you say negatives about something, the more that 'something' become that negatives words. So, the more you say you are freedomless, the more that opinion will come to the reality. We have to change our mind-set from negativity into the positive mind-set.

For another example, I hate the 'phenomenon' in now young generation about calling someone. They like to call other people with 'gan' or 'bos'. You know ? 'gan' word is the short from 'juragan' or in English we used to call it as 'skipper' and 'bos' in English mean 'boss'. I cant accept this phenomenon called in young generation, well, actually its fine that we call others like 'boss' or 'master' or 'skipper' as long as they are our real master, boss or something, but here in my country they call their friends with this nickname, even to those one who they are just met. Can you imagine ? from this called show that young generation dont have mental as a leader, and for me, this young generation attitude have to be change. 'Coz I believe in the power of words, we will be positive if we say positive words, inversely, we will be negative if we say only negative words.

Okay, stop talking about Heroes Day in my country, Indonesia. Now lets move on to the 2012 topic. Yes, I've watched this movied yesterday, and I'll say this is not a stupid movie just because its cliche story about the end of the world (of course with modernity style), although, we cant say this is a great movie too, let me say it was only a good movie, so-so. If I may rate this movie, I'll rate 5 stars from 10. There are reasons why I seems didnt like this movie :

1. From years ago untill today, I dont like the 'end of the world' theme for movies. I dont like the way of people try to predict about something will happen in the future. Its a big - big - big No Good Story.

2. It is soooo hollywood movie typical and soo United State movie, , with the extra 'lebay' (mean 'too much' in English). When Curtis and the family drive the car try reach to the airplane that Curtis rent, how can they keep save from the earthquake in the meantime others around their car were crashed and falled into the ground ? I just cant believe this extra 'too much' scene. Second, when Curstis asked by Adrian to fix something on the back machine, he did it and made it, why he have to be saved ? why he have to be the one who get applaused ? also with the big effect when the earthquake and tsunami hitted the earth, for me the effect is too much and too american style. No offend for those who comes from US. Why I can say this is so United State movie ? the u.s president didnt come into the 'noah-ark', but prefer to live among with his citizens to face the end of the world. In my opinion, this scene just trying to show the world that United State's leaders are wise, kind and care to their citizens. Also when G-8 leaders gathered to vote about the mission, why uls the one who shoul

Well, even I've said this movie was so-so, but I love one quote from this movie, and I have to say 'agree' to this quote : 'The moment we stop fighting for each other, thats the moment we lose our humanity'. Soon when Adrian say this dialogue I kept nodding my head which mean I agree with his dialogue. So, if you are human or at least want to called as human, please stop being individualist and start to care for each other, start to look around and help people who need our help.


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