Selasa, Juni 30, 2009

My self through times

A couple days a go, I start my day to re-arrange all documents related to me and I start funny seeing documents contained my old photos. For example my elementary graduate certified, there is a small photo on the certified, looks old and funny. Then, its like a bright - lamp appear out from my head to collect all my old-photos, scanned those cute-old-funny pictures and upload to my blog.

So, here now I let you all seeing metamorphosis of me. Yes time made a lot of change, not only change to my physic but also my character be more wise and mature to walk on my life.

This picture taken about 1992, when I was in my kindergarten.

This one taken on 1993, when I start my Elementary School. Elementary is time where people always called me as 'bule', all my friends always think that I have a blood from Europe or America something, cause I have white skin and light brown hair. In fact, I'm totally 100 % Indonesian, batak ethnic, so there is no foreign born in my self.

This is 1999, the year I graduated from my Elementary School.

2000, My first year on Junior High School.

This is when I graduated from my Junior High School in 2002. Look at my hair, 'uurrrrggghhh' what a disaster hair I had in my life. I have no idea if I had that hair-style now, I think I'm gonna kill my self than having that hair-style.

This one when I was in a second grade Senior High School.

This one taken from early 2005, when I graduated my Senior High School.

From the end 2005. After my Senior High School, I registered to Udayana University, Bali, only for a year then I quit, and this periode untill now, most of my friend think that I was chinese. Makes me funny, considering when I was children people called me 'bule' then now people called me 'cokin' (in English means chinese.)

This one taken from middle 2006. The time when I run away from my home, Jakarta to Bandung. Look my face, I think I look so fat in this picture.

This one from early 2007. Look at my lips, yes, that is a piercing on my lips. I had total 3 piercing from 2006 - 2007, but I have let all go now.

This from 2008.

This one from early 2009.

This is me now, taken about a couple weeks a go.


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