Selasa, Mei 31, 2011

More about the culture

I do love TRAVELING so badly, like frickin bad. That is the fact. I know traveling were my passion and will always be, I want to live by traveling more and more. No fucking way important where and which places. BUT -  yeah there is always a 'but' word, shame on me. The more I travel, the more I know that what I want from traveling is not only looking for best scenery, not the beautiful beaches, not the great mountain or so-what-ever other beautiful places. It's more about culture. I want to deeply gettin into the culture when I traveled. Either to learn it, either for just to know it, anything, but I do really want get deeper into the culture.

I remembered that I always want to learn about tourism, due I love my country's scenery, so like superhero-wannabe, I always think that by majoring tourism I could explore yet promoting my country's tourism. Then again I ain't enroll the major, but now I do travel more and more a lot than before. Taking magnificence pictures of place that I visited, having fun here and there, now I realize that what I missed a lot is it's culture. I realized that I lack of involved to the people, their culture and even their daily activities. Specially an old culture, not the modern one. I believe every places have their own uniqueness about their culture, and I promise to myself to getting know about that on my next travel days. Doing what local community did, it's history, and so on, I want do those things from now on. I hope I can do it.

For what reason ? I don't know, well, it's not really that I have no reason at all. Actually, I think by doing those things will make myself to give more respect to this life, to give more respect to people who are came from different situation/culture from us and to give more respect to myself.

I wanna taste different experiences of traveling from now on, and I hope I can do it *crossed fingered*.


Farid mengatakan...

I want to live by traveling more and more".
Thumbs up!
Exactly what I wanna do.
We should go explore our own country more. We'll be amazed by the culture. Sometimes, I found one culture is so different from the other, yet we're still in one country.
Let's go traveling together!

nando.gino mengatakan...

Yeah, being Indonesian is like the biggest GIFT ever happen in my life, don't you think ? Having more than ten thousand islands, having more than hundred traditional languages, plenty of beautiful beaches, mountains and so much more great things we have as Indonesian.

Doing traveling is one of those many ways to appreciate it, in my opinion. Don't you agree with me ?

Yea, let's traveling together, just tell me when you ready.


hajarabis mengatakan...

join to

Sultan Kata-Kata mengatakan...

Bagus, ohya Bro! udah tahu belum kl bulan ini 100 Ribu Warga Inggris Tutup Akun Facebook Cek di

Mostafa mengatakan...

Hello friend..!

How are you?

I'm sorry I were shutdown for a while, it was out of my hand.

Now I'm here again.

You know? this time I knew more about your interest in traveling, Congratulations)))

By your vision about tourism you own the main reason to success and do whatever you want.

You can do it, I faith on you
and I like your vision

Good luck my friend,, Never let your dreams go.


Tourist Cup

[I read your message and I think how to do it now]

nando.gino mengatakan...

[at] sultan kata : Thanks udh mampir. Iya udh tau kok beritanya. Gua mungkin akan segera menyusul #eaaa

[at] Mostafa : Ah so, you quite a busy man now. That's good actually, and it's nice to have you back here in blogosphere.

Thanks for your "good luck" wish on me. I appreciate that, and I hope all my visions are soon will coming true.

And talking about my message, you know, I am waiting for the story actually. I hope you'll send it soon to my email. Thanks

Mostafa mengatakan...

Hi friend,

Actually I'm not as much busy as I'm lost :)

Blogging and my blog friends are my work nowadays, but...

Any way I'm here to give you an award, just visit my blog and you will know..

Congratulations * * *

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